Life’s ups and downs

I am home in beautiful peaceful Merida. The sun is shining but its not too hot and we are happy, happy, happy… My cat Hobbsie is playing hard-to-get but I can tell he’s glad to see me. The pool is not filled with yucky green stuff. None of my plants have died; in fact we have a bumper crop of orchids! My bed with its soft clean sheets felt like Heaven last night…

Nonetheless, coming home does present a few bummers.

Bummer Number One: The laundry and grocery shopping loom like unassailable mountains before me.

Plan of attack: Mañana!

Bummer Number Two: I have culled through my email and there are 101 that need an answer.

Consolation: I have patient friends

Bummer Number Three: I stepped on the scale and saw a number that no scale should ever climb up to. I tried again and yes, the number was still there.

Unequivocal Decision: No more daily margaritas… no more pan  dulce for breakfast… Much more exercise!

Are you reading this post from a cold and dreary place?

If so,  look at the orchids  breathe deeply… then smile!



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4 responses to “Life’s ups and downs

  1. Margery Palomino

    How lovely to see pics of my dear Hobbsie! And to see the lovely orchids in your garden that I so enjoyed a year plus ago. Also great to hear how well the Santa Elena Ladies are doing. All bringing back memories of the visit I made to SE with you in 2009.
    Your blog is wonderful and such a good way to keep one up on Yucatan doins’ !
    Am still wading through my hundreds of photos of India. Will I ever get the web album up I wonder?? It was a wedding never to be forgotten with Leila a stunning ‘Indian’ bride wedding her handsome Prakash!
    India left MANY differing impressions. What a fascinating country!

    • Margery! What a lovely surprise to hear from you. Yes, I also often think back to your visit… you’ll have to come again soon. And yes, Hobbsie looks just great but he’s still as fussy as ever!

  2. alma

    hi,,i hope that you remember i met in puebla,with others classmates when we did a interview about Puebla,,
    its very interesting your page..
    p.d. i know that my english is not very well but i try to do.

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