Metaphoric Roses

The roses in Rosa’s garden are particularly rosy at this time of        year.The sun is warm and bright but not so hot that it withers the blooms and dries up the roots… Those who live here KNOW it does indeed get hot enough to do exactly that! The plants are hardy though… when things cool down, they recuperate and the blooms return. Sort of like the people in this hard scapple Mayan town                                                                                                Rosa shows Beth the bags she sews

The Santa Elena Sustainable Development project is doing just as well as the roses. Between November and now, the ladies have earned more than 13,000 pesos from the sale of the oilcloth bags they make. But still more important is their newly found confidence. Having the ability to contribute to the’r familys’ coffers fills them with justifiable pride.  I took some bags to San Miguel and they were a hit! The bags have gone out on order to Florida, Ontario, New York and other places too. As well, the two-woman purchasing & sales team known as Beth & Theresa, have taken advantage of every opportunity to sell.

If you have yet to buy a bag, they will be available this Sunday at MELL’s Chili Cook-off. My book “Magic Made in Mexico” will be at the same table and 50 pesos per book sold will be donated to our Library.

I hope to see you there! Attending this event is a fun way to support the Library and other local initiatives.

Maggie and Britt with Valerie of The Pickled Onion

PS: The placemats shown on the header of this post are available by order. Let me know if you’re interested…



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4 responses to “Metaphoric Roses

  1. Britt

    Me, looking like the tall gringa I am… yeesh! 😉

  2. The chili cook off is this Sunday? I thought my MEL dues were up to date but I didn’t get any notice. I guess I’ll have to go by and see where and when.

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