Three Dog Night and other delights

I haven’t posted since Friday because my modem burnt out sometime during that morning…

Now I have suspected for some time that perhaps I may have a wee Internet addiction but after the withdrawal I’ve suffered this weekend, I know I have a BIG Internet addiction.

Thank God for my i-touch. A couple of times I took the little gadget on a 7 block walk to the park (in Merida we have wi-fi in public areas) Another time or two, I went over and used my son’s computer and once I commandeered my daughter’s Blackberry. I was able to be sure no one in my inbox had reported anything too serious. But pecking out a whole posting on that microscopic touchpad just wasn’t happening.

Other highpoints this weekend? It’s Carnaval and believe me, the revelers have stamina. The music and dancing goes on all through the night. (as I write, there’s a parade on Paseo de Montejo and I can hear it – 20 blocks away!) I remember when our kids were small, Carnaval was a very enjoyable activity.  We’d dress the little guys up in cute, cute costumes and had a roaring good time on the rides, at the parades and parties… Maybe it will be fun again when the grandchildren come along.

And Sunday from midnight till 5 am we were treated to “Three Dog Night”. And I’m not talking about the long-in-the-tooth pop band. No-no-no! I’m talking about the neighbor’s trio of muts. They didn’t enjoy the Carnaval festivities (to be fair, I’m sure their ears hurt) and to show their displeasure, they barked without a pause for the aforementioned time frame. It’s “Easy to be Hard” when both sleep AND internet deprived…

Finally, to end on a positive note, I have been working away on my novel for the past two days. My new editor keeps me on task and churning out those pages… I have renewed hope that my novel will get finished this year!

Photos: My friend Rainie in her Carnaval bonnet

Carlos and Maggie dressed for Carnaval about 1987

One of the Three Dogs Night


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