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Today I received a message from Julie Hoover of “Merida Verde.” This group is dedicated to making our city a greener, better place to live. It finances much of its good work through the sale of the book Living in Mérida. The first run – 1,000 copies has sold out! Happily, an updated edition will soon be available.

Living in Mérida is an excellent book! It explains where to buy, find, distribute, sell, acquire or rent all that you could possibly need in Merida. A wealth of information is found between the front and back covers. But Mérida has changed since the 1st edition was printed in 2008. The official launch for the 2nd edition will be held at a party (with wine of course) at the Hotel Casa San Ángel, located in the Remate de Montejo on Monday, March 21st from 7:00-9:00 p.m. The book sells for 260 pesos and can be found at Amate Books, and the Merida English Language Library.

To my way of thinking, a good mix of informative and insightful reading resources greatly enhances the enjoyment of visiting a new place. When you find yourself in a different environment, you need answers to a wide variety of questions. There are quite a few other publications about this wonderful corner of the world…Along with Living in Merida, the following are my personal recommendations.

Yucatan Today is the city’s most well-read tourism magazine. It keeps the community informed about upcoming events and happenings and also features interesting articles about select destinations. Published monthly, the free magazine can be picked up at almost every tourism related business or center. Yucatan Today also has an award winning website.

The Gold Book is an English language business and services directory. It is organized in a helpful, easy-to-follow format. The publication is updated annually. You can get a free copy at many hotels, restaurants and tourism info centers or visit their website.

And the first print version of the Yucatan Times is poised to roll off the presses this month. The paper’s mission is to bring Yucatan’s news to English-speaking residents. More information can be found on the website

And there’s my own book – Magic Made in Mexico. It doesn’t contain “where-to-go-for-whatever” information. Rather it addresses the cultural differences and new customs that all international residents face in Mexico. Many say it is especially helpful to newcomers as they adjust to all that’s going on around them. It provides explanations and strategies for coping with, and celebrating Mexico’s diversity. In Merida, it can be purchased for 275 pesos at Amate Books and at the Merida English Language Library. The book is also for sale at English language book stores in other Mexican cities; on line at Amazon or directly from my publisher Editorial Mazatlan


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2 responses to “Recommended Reading

  1. What? No mention of We even contributed a few chapters to the book being sold by Merida Verde…

    • No oversight intended. My focus in this piece was on print resources, although I did provide links to the websites of the magazines or books that offer online versions as well as hard copy. There are many online websites, blogs and forums… and definitely “Yucatan Living” is among the very best. I would most certainly have recommended it, if I had written about online publications.

      I did not know you contributed to Living in Merida. I’m anxious to see the new edition.

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