Only in Mexico…

Today  I have been sorting through photos. The memories made me smile and say, “Only in Mexico”…

Can you relate?

Almost every day in Mexico I see something that makes me smile

Sometimes I am reminded of my carefree youth

And I love it when what I see, smiles back at me!

In Mexico, people don’t toss things aside when they get old

Everyone comes along for the ride –  there’s always room for one more…

The roads of Mexico remind me of a three ring circus


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3 responses to “Only in Mexico…

  1. You are so right, Joanna–the smiles come almost daily. Someday, if my eyes can be plugged into a video cam, I might even be able to capture the likes of this:

    I have a lovely neighbor, who can not speak or hear. She comes around weekly to collect my week’s worth of “latas,” (cans), and it turns out we communicate very well. She loves dogs, and we share our enjoyment. Then one day, I saw her pick up a piece of trash from the street, deposit it into a garbage can, and go on. She hasn’t learned that she’s not a street-sweeper; but obviously wants a clean street. I’m really fond of her.

    And this reminds me of a very favorite video: I never tire of this one– always inspiring.

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