The truth always comes out

Sunday… with my Canadian tias, I attended Brazos Abiertos second annual house tour, an event held to raise funds that will support their goals for this year.

In the past while, there has been some confusion about Brazos‘ aims.  So the following might help…

Brazos Abiertos´ mission is to empower the people of Yucatan, Mexico to respond to AIDS. The vision for Brazos Abiertos is to be the catalyst for change where knowledge, prevention, and treatment of AIDS replace fear, discrimination, prejudice, and death for those infected.

It is important to know that Brazos Abiertos is a registered non-profit corporation established in México  since 2007, by Public Notary No. 76, and which documentation remains in the Public Registry of the Property of the State of Yucatan. This organization is the legal owner of the building that hosts and operates the “Brazos Abiertos Education & Prevention Center”.

The goals are…

  • To decrease the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in Yucatan.
  • To improve access to healthcare and improve the overall quality of life for those people already infected with HIV.

Brazos Abiertos means “open arms” in Spanish.

The house tour included eight of Merida’s most lovingly restored homes. Not all the featured places were huge palaces, (although a few were…) but every one of them tastefully reflected the owners’ unique style. The architects and designers were on hand to answer questions.

One could not help but notice how many young people attended – a good number of them from the Faculty of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Yucatan. One of the 5th semester students told me, “Seeing these homes gives me new ideas for the future. They are very inspiring!” 65% of those attending the house tour were Meridanos and the rest, members of the city’s international community

Everyone blended well and the organizers report that enough money was raised to fund their projects for a full year. At “Hennessy’s”, the venue for the after-party, I spoke with some of the board members and organizers of the extremely successful, well attended event. They were visibly  moved by the show of support from every strata of Merida’s society. Brazos‘ General Director Dr. Carlos Cabrera said he knew the organization would continue to grow and serve more people in the community.

Adversity has made Brazos Abiertos an even stronger and more mature non-profit. The organization itself and individuals who are associated with it have endured negativite  criticism but have kept up their commitments. Polemic attitudes  abound  but as we saw on Sunday, Brazos has strong community support… The truth will always come out.

The volunteers, board members, the sponsors and the guests all look forward to the next beautiful, creative fund raiser.

Check out the coverage of the event in the Monday March 21st edition of the  Diario de Yucatan.




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6 responses to “The truth always comes out

  1. Sally

    Many thanks for a lovely piece, Joanna. It was great to see you and share in the fun.
    Next time maybe we can chat more over a Guiness at Hennessey’s?!

  2. Beautiful article on a successful fundraiser for a most worthy cause. Thanks for highlighting the work of so many hardworking people.

  3. It was an incredible event, one I was proud to be a part of. And thank you for your wonderful comments! It is people like you, along with the local and the expat community that will keep this wonderful organization going strong!

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