I’m on holiday (in my yard…)

My cousin Donna is visiting from the far-far-far north and she is happy just hanging out. When she left her home in Fort Nelson (1,000 miles north of Vancouver, BC, Canada) the temperature was -32 C. Today, out in my yard, it was +32 C. Quite a difference… “eh?”

This is Spring Break and Donna says there is still lots of snow in her town… the only birds she sees are huge black ravens and of course, no flowers dare peek through the frozen ground. In my garden today, we saw parrots, turtle doves and hummingbirds. Hibiscus, orchids and oleander bloom in abundance.

At first glance, it would seem that Merida is a much easier place to live. But one must look a tad deeper. Four years ago, Donna who is from Vancouver Island moved to her new home, located at Mile 300 on the Alaska Highway. She sees moose, elk and bears any old time. The clear running rivers converge in her town, providing spectacular views. A host of interesting and odd characters provide plenty of fodder for funny stories. She has grown to love the place.                                                              

As a middle school principal, Donna holds an important position in the community and she is proud that her efforts have been well received. Her move afforded her an extremely interesting career change.

When we were young girls, we didn’t get to see one another too often but when that happened, it felt like a holiday… and that has not changed one iota! Certainly we never imagined that we would end up in such diverse corners of the world.

So for the next week, we’re going to laze by the pool, have happy hour with groovy great music playing (kinda’ loud…) We’ll go out for dinner, and maybe do a little shopping too… that’s what you do when you’re on holiday… “eh?”



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2 responses to “I’m on holiday (in my yard…)

  1. Now THAT is a contrast. Ahhhh, Fort Nelson, I know it well. To be honest, not terribly well, but I have passed through and stopped to spend a night on road trips between the “lower 48” and home further north.

    I am glad you and your sister are enjoying time together. Sounds like a lot of fun. Joanna, when are you going to make a reciprocal visit to Fort Nelson? It’s spectacular in the summer.

    • I have actually been to Fort Nelson and Whitehorse. When I worked for CP Air, the ground crew in those two stations used to host “quite the party!” on Mid Summer’s Eve… It was a long time ago but I remember it well…

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