La Prima-donna

My cousin Donna has been nick-named “La Prima-donna” (Get it?) She is far from being a high maintenance guest but it’s a great pun!

I continue to be “on holiday in my own town”… we’re having a great time! Today began with a breakfast to celebrate our friend Nancy’s birthday. If you’ve never been to the Sunday brunch at El Castellano, you need to give yourself a treat one of these fine days…

With very full tummies, we set off to the symphony. For this week’s program, the orchestra director Juan Carlos Lomónaco selected works of composers Mikhail Glinka, Reinhold Gliére and Pitor Ilich Tchaikovsky. Harpist Ruth Bennet was the featured soloist with her interpretation of Gliére’s 74th Opus . Amazing!

This season, the symphony is not playing at the Peon Contreras Opera House because the building is undergoing     extensive renovations. I had my doubts about the quality of sound we’d experience at the surrogate venue, the Teatro Armando Manzanero. My reservations were completely unfounded, the acoustics were wonderful and because we sat so close to the stage, we had the opportunity to really observe the musicians.

First violin Christopher Collins held us spellbound. He rarely seems to consult his musical score and he practically jumps out of his seat during his favorite segues. Striking, patrician Elizabeth Arnott, also a violinist seems to emanate serenity as she plays. The bassists always impress – what a lot of work to play those huge instruments. Violas, violoncellos, flutes, oboes, horns, trumpets trombones and tubas… the percussionists – every player riveted his/her eyes on Maestro Lomónaco and the beautiful music flowed over the stage and into our souls.

Leaving the theatre, we said goodbye to all the friends attending the performance and then headed home to the pool to refresh, rehydrate and replay the lovely day…



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2 responses to “La Prima-donna

  1. I was so glad to read this post. I’m afraid that, whenever I hear the word “visitor”, I think of some interesting comments I’ve received from several “snowbirds”: ” a built-in tour guide!” Or, “you have a CAR!”

    So it’s lovely to hear that everyone who visits is not a “prima donna”, even though she is a Donna.

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