TTT’s Annual Talent Night

TTT’s Back Courtyard… the setting for the Talent Night

As many of you know, in 1990 my husband Jorge and I founded a college here in Merida.

Tecnología Turística Total (TTT) offers two bachelor degrees to the local young people: Tourism Administration and Modern Languages. We also have an international students’ program and life long learning options. TTT is a busy place – morning, noon and night!

About half of the students in our two programs are from Merida and the other half come from towns in Yucatan as well as from several other states in the country. Our students are an interesting mix indeed! And they love nothing better than to have a good time.

Several times a year, they organize events and last night they staged the annual “Talent Night”. Singing… dancing… poetry… skits… The variety was incredible.

Thanks must also go to Prof. Luis Martinez who helps the students coordinate all the logistics…

I have such admiration for the way the young people in Mexico are so willing to get up in front of a crowd and entertain. They are so unselfconscious and enjoy making others happy.

I am attaching lots of pictures today so you can see what a great time we  had!

I wish I knew how to insert the shots properly, but here they are… such as they are!


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2 responses to “TTT’s Annual Talent Night

  1. I believe you’ll really like this video, Joanna. It has so many themes, related to quite a few of your posts, including this one.

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