Get it going viral…

Edith Wilson speaking about the article she wrote on Merida

About six weeks ago, Edith Wilson wrote a widely circulated article about life in Merida. To her surprise, “The Washington Post” wanted to run it and from there, “A Letter from the Other Mexico: Beyond the Drug Violence” went viral. Translated into Spanish by the Diario de Yucatan and reprinted on many blogs, on Facebook, Tweeter and other social media, it is doubtful that many people in Yucatan have not seen it. She said that scores of readers wrote to her and she commented how gratified she was to have made people so happy.

The article also came to the attention of the government. Edith Wilson met President Felipe Calderon when he was in the USA and while in Merida this week, she has spent time with the Minister of Tourism, the Attorney General and the Governor herself. She said she could not believe the outpouring of gratitude that her article caused.                                                                                                                                                                                        

At the press event held at our college last night, Edith speculated that the success of her article may be due to the fact that people are so frustrated with what they feel is unfair reporting about Mexico. I could not agree more!

When asked if she would write another article, she said she’d love that but could not be sure it would be printed. Later she added that bloggers and those who use any form of social networking could make a huge impact by getting messages ‘out there’ and seeing them get huge – viral – circulation.

After Edith’s presentation, I had a very interesting conversation with some of the young technologically-savvy guests. We have decided to coordinate our efforts on the social networks and put out the good word about Yucatan. We hope our tweets, video clips, blog articles and so on will be effective in helping to change negative attitudes.

We realize that Mexico has serious issues but there are also many wonderful things that need to be brought to the world’s attention. We need to stand up for ourselves!

If you are interested in knowing how you can learn more about this project… leave a comment here or send me an email, and I’ll get back to you…

To see an example of the power of social media, look at this clip

Thanks Reg for sending this to me…


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6 responses to “Get it going viral…

  1. Margaret A. Wedge

    Joanna, thank you and Edith for the great presentation. I realilize I have only begun to really learning about my adopted home. I use Edith´s article to answer questions about Merida.

  2. Marie Ros

    Love to read about the good stuff in Mexico! Enjoy your blog tremendously. Marie

  3. Count us in. Happy to help spread the word about Mérida and Yucatán.


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