One week to go…

One week to go!

Retreat time is approaching although I will be extending the start date by a few days. I will now begin on April 26th and go until May 9th. The reason being that Easter Sunday is on the 24th and my son Carlos will turn 30 on April 25th… Not making an Easter feast or the traditional birthday lunch would not go over well with anyone, least of all – me!

While on retreat, I am going to continue working on my book; do Yoga, walk and swim; I have other books to read and DVDs to watch.

And I am going to do a Cleanse – no bad-for-me food, no alcohol, plenty of fruits and vegetables, gallons of water. Have any of you tried this? Were the benefits worth it? Any recommendations?

Since deciding that I will be out of commission for two weeks, I’ve had many emails and calls – all supportive. I wonder why I never thought of this before? As the idea matures, I see it as a very positive life affirmation.

So what am I doing to get ready? I’ve prepared a few entrees and frozen them.  I have my email inbox all cleared out and I have done some socializing that was long overdue. In a way, getting ready for the retreat is like preparing for a trip… lots to get done before “going away.”

I also have a few posts prepared that I’ll program for publishing at regular intervals.

A week today… it’s going to be great!

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8 responses to “One week to go…

  1. Nancy Walters

    Loving wishes free your spirit to
    Breathe in
    Let go
    Loving arms welcome you back at journey’s end…

  2. Hi, Joanna–Well, I myself have never “cleaned”, “cleansed” or “purged”, but I researched this subject many years ago when a friend of mine was using some sort of purging product. So, please read this before you decide.

    • Thanks Alinde, I thank you for your concern. I am not using any products or supplements. I am basically going to eat vegetables, fruit and nuts… no alcohol… lots of water. I’ll do as long as I feel well and will stop if I don’t like (or can’t handle) it anymore. I have done a lot of travelling and socializing the past few months and I feel this will be a good thing for me.

  3. Josanna,

    This sounds very interesting. I’m curious…does this mean you will just be preparing meals for yourself? Doing your own thing 100% ? Will Jorge be around? Tell me the logisiics!!

    • Interesting you should ask… Jorge and the kids have the same question! I have never done this before so I’m not really clear either… But what I envision is that I will pretty much do my own thing but definitely continue to interact with my family. I have meals ready and no “social stuff” planned outside the home. I won’t be taking phone calls or doing email. I have some blog posts lined up… so as I say, it’s a bit like going on a trip… but this will be an internal one. Improved physical and mental health, the destination… I’ll certainly let you know how it all works out

  4. I did a wonderful cleanse last year from Alejandro Junger’s book “Clean.” Gwyneth Paltrow came up with a variation on her Goop website. It was labor intensive, but the food was good. Of course, just giving up alcohol alone was probably responsible for at least six of the 10 pounds I lost.

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