That’s the ticket!

The bellydancing students and teacher (I’m not in the pictures ’cause I’m taking them!)

I have a friend who is 91… and an aunt who will be 99 in September.  I have asked both these women to tell me their secret… How do you stay “young” and vital into your 9th decade? No surprises… they both told me the same things.

“Never waste your time… not one moment,” said Giséle. “What if I get tired?” I asked. “Then you must rest productively,” she replied. “And what constitutes productive rest?” “Dreaming. Think about how you can make your life better and when you’ve rested… go out and do it!”

How does Susie keep going? “I’m blessed with great energy!” she told me.

After a 5 hour walk through Amsterdam, I asked Giséle if she was tired. She looked at me very seriously and said, “I don’t have time to be tired!”

Both women see life with a very unique perspective. One day while driving Giséle noticed the elms lining the road and she cried out, “Oh look! A procession!” And after she said that, I could see it too…

Susie says, “I’m blessed to have so many friends and excellent help in my home.” My aunt voices the same sentiment. Yes, both women do take time to feel gratitude.

They like to try new things… Susie recently went to a bellydancing class. Yes,         bellydancing! I went to the same class and I can tell you; not one woman there was under 55.

“Body shape be damned!” said our instructor. You are doing this to please yourself and the size or condition of your body is only important in that you can and cannot do certain moves, depending on your flexibility and agility… and this is often determined by your size… But you can still have fun!

I took care to ask if any of my bellydancing classmates would feel silly if I posted their picture… “Hell no!”

So Ladies (and gentlemen too) get off your duffs, try new stuff, and keep on moving. That’s the ticket!



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2 responses to “That’s the ticket!

  1. I tried, without success, to see if Leonora Carrington has answered that question. Nevertheless, I found this interview with her still so thought-provoking, even after several viewings. She’s probably my personal favorite famous “nonagenarian” ( had to look that one up).

    See the interview at

    • Yes, she is quite the nonagenarian… J am reading Elena Ponitowska’s book about her life. Right now, it is only available in Spanish but I would imagine it will soon be translated… Leonora was after all, born in Great Britain.

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