Easter Weekend in Yucatan

Jorge and his brothers on the train to the beach (about 1960)

Easter weekend in south eastern Mexico is full of tradition… but so different from mine growing up in western Canada. There are towns like Izamal and Mani where you can see an outdoor reenactment of the Way of the Cross.

When our kids were little, Good Friday saw us packing up everything we could possibly need into the VW bug and we’d join the other 1,000s of Meridanos headed for the beach. The Rosado clan numbered at least 40 and although the family beach house was big, all of us had to find a place for our hammocks. Vats of fish chowder; kilos of fried fish, bowls of ceviche and of course beer in copious amounts were all consumed by men, women and niños with very healthy appetites.

Easter Saturday in Yucatan… involved more beach and a repeat of the day before’s activities… plus a candlelight midnight Mass. Easter Sunday… more food, more sun, more beach and then on Sunday night, most of us would head home on the perilous Progreso – Merida (2 lanes) “highway.” At the time, drinking and driving was not an offence… it was the normal thing to do. Imagine how treacherous that road could get by about 8 pm… Every year there were horrendous accidents. I’m grateful we survived!        Last Easter Jorge and I saw Elton John at Chichen Itza

Jorge says his Easter at the Beach memories, although decades earlier were more or less the same, except they took the train to get there…

My kids look back on their Easter memories as some of their favorites. Every country has its traditions and whatever they may be, Kids all over the world love a good party, lots of family, special food and the feeling that they belong.

This Easter, we’re having family over for lunch – Chicken Pot Pie will be the entrée (my daughter’s special request…) If you celebrate Easter or other holidays this weekend, what special traditions will you follow?

The Rosado house at the Beach


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