One day down, fourteen to go!

Today I began my much anticipated “personal retreat”. The idea is to take a break from all the socializing and running around I do, and stay home for two weeks. I want to write a lot. In fact I’m hoping to finish restructuring my novel to the point where I have a complete manuscript and editing can commence.

It seems that I’ve been writing this story for a long time. I have “finished” twice and I’m hoping that “third time’s a charm”.  Today, I did manage to get quite a bit resolved so if all the days go like this one, I should meet my goal.

In Mexico, every type of social interaction involves food and I have not been too successful in taking off the kilos I want to take off. While out of circulation, I’ll be away from food temptation. Good time to do a cleanse! What can I say; it may be a good “time” to do this, but I’d hardly call it a “good” time. Quite frankly I’m not yet feeling the “renewed energy and vigor” like the websites say I will but, it’s just the first day…

Physical exercise every day is another goal during my retreat. Today, I did Yoga and went swimming, so feel I did well there.

Many friends have been most concerned for Jorge. “What will he eat?” “Are you going to cut him off too?” Never fear – he is fine. I told him I’d cook for him but he said he’d fend for himself. He has a cold and isn’t too hungry anyway…

How would I rate the experiment so far? Definitely positive – not easy, but positive. I am looking forward to Day Two.



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6 responses to “One day down, fourteen to go!

  1. Lee

    Now I’m getting really curious about your cleanse. I’ve done three of them, and with a my annual physical coming up, I’m getting ready for another. Plus, I’m done blaming the dry cleaner for shrinking my trousers.

    • I am not taking any supplements, colonics or things like that. I’m eating raw fruits and vegetables and raw nuts. No salt, no caffeine, no alcohol. The one cooked thing I eat is brown rice. I am only drinking water. Gallons of it… I do not feel bad and am not craving anything (it’s only Day 3) But I think it’s very much mind over matter. I needed to do this and I put it off for a long time (many good and silly reasons) but now I’m doing of it… that’s the bottom line.

  2. I love the “personal retreat” idea. Enjoy!

    • Yes, it is quite a concept… I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before. I guess when we think of “personal retreats” we think of a huge expnse and going somewhere special… But really, once my family and friends heard the idea, they were all for it. Keep reading through the next 2 weeks… I’ll post all the ins and outs

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