Jose Luis Cuevas in Merida…

Last evening, Jorge and I went to see the collection of 12 bronze sculptures by the renowned Mexico City artist Jose Luis Cuevas. They are currently on exhibition along Merida’s Paseo de Montejo.

Jose Luis Cuevas was born in Mexico City in 1934. He professes to be self-taught, but he did study at the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado La Esmeralda, the same great institute where other Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo also studied and taught.  He first held a private exhibition  at the Gallery Prisse (Mexico City) in 1953. Since then he has been very successful not only in the country but abroad.

From 1957 and 1959, Jose Luis Cuevas published his ideas about artistic aesthetics, which encourages freedom of expression in both the shape and the subject. The young artists who were tired of using art for political and social content fully embraced his opinions.

In 1955 he showed some work at the Edouard Loeb Gallery, in Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso, who actually bought two of his pieces. Jose Luis Cuevas is internationally recognized and has been invited to work in studios around the world.

In Cuevas’ work, it is easy to spot the influence of artists like Goya or Picasso as well as Posadas and Orozco. He says his drawings are a representation of the loneliness of the modern man and his inability to communicate, for this reason he distorts and transforms the human figure.

Cuevas has had many solo exhibitions worldwide, and now you can see a sample right here on Paseo de Montejo.

Reference: Wikipedia

Sorry the photos of the scuptures are so dark…


As you read above, I ended what my cousin calls, “seclusion” last night with a stroll along Paseo de Montejo to see the José Luis Cuevas art exhibition…

And I’m up early… eager to see the day begin! My personal retreat ends this morning and I can’t tell you how refreshing, productive and healthful these two weeks have been.

Although there were times during the past 15 days that I was poised to delete every file in my computer that’s associated with my novel, and then chuck all the “rough drafts” into the shredder… I did make great progress. While it is still far from – done – I now know I’m headed in the right direction. The uninterrupted time that I spent working on my character development and glitches in the plot, were exactly what I needed in order to get to the next level.

I’d recommend a Cleanse to anyone who is feeling discouraged and unmotivated about their health… and is ready to do something about it. It was not easy but usually anything worth the effort isn’t “a day at the beach.”  I lost 6.4 kilos, a lot of which was not (ahem)… fat… but retained fluid. Having cut out salt, caffeine, and alcohol for two weeks has made me realize how much I have to watch my intake of those three things… along with the food of course!

Exercising is an important component of any health improvement plan… we all know that. I did Yoga and swam   mostly, took evening walks through the neighborhood… Not having to get presentable to go somewhere after working out made me feel more willing to build up a good sweat. It felt great.

My painting didn’t go so well. I have fiddled with the same canvas for about a month now and you know what?  You can only make so many mistakes… cover them up and re-do that part – then you need to say, I guess this piece wasn’t for me after all. I decided this past weekend that what I’d worked on for quite some time would not be my masterpiece. Oh well… win some, lose some. I’ll start a new one.

Reading and watching the DVDs I have accumulated did not happen too much either. I sat at my computer working on the book for too many hours to fit that in.

As for “being out of the loop” for 360 hours… I have missed my friends and my interaction with them. I missed a few really great parties, art openings and the like but I feel so rested… and excited to get back to all my activities.

Jorge and the kids have been so supportive of my restorative retreat. They have missed my regular cooking, company on outings, and errand running. Without the family’s cooperation, it would not have been possible to take this time, so a big thank you to them!

I’d qualify this whole experience as excellent… but am I ever ready for a cup of coffee and to catch up with with my friends!



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6 responses to “Jose Luis Cuevas in Merida…

  1. Joanne

    You impress me. To be able to do this with temptation all around you.

  2. Congratulations, Joanna, you did it! Now you can have that cup of coffee, send off all your changes to your new book to your new editor and LIVE A LITTLE!

  3. Deanna Lagroix

    Ooh, I’m impressed with your tenacity and willpower to have completed your goal……..especially when those margaritas can’t be ever very far away! What a sense of accomlishment to have removed yourself from the noises of the outside and to have been able to concentrate on that novel that we’re all waiting to read……
    Well done!

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