Creativity Abounds

This is our college, Tecnología Turística Total (TTT) located in downtown Mérida

Today I would like to share some pictures and observations about our college’s annual Gastronomy Fair.

For those who are new followers of this blog, I should tell you that my husband and I have a college in downtown Merida. Tecnología Turística Total is the complete name, but everyone calls it TTT.

We have two four year bachelor programs: Tourism Administration and Modern Languages, and throughout the year as part of their studies, the students plan and organize a number of exhibitions, debates, art shows… you name it, they’ve done it.

Today the fourth year Tourism students held their annual gastronomy display. They were asked to create a restaurant. The students started work on their ideass some time ago… But these kids are so very inventive. Once they got going, their imaginations know no bounds.

Other Mexican states’ cuisine was featured at many of the stands. Some students chose Oaxaca, and had chapulines – fried grasshoppers  available for the tasting ; Aguas Caliente, Veracruz, and Puebla were three of the other selected regions. Other groups of students elected to create their own concepts: coffee and snacks… vegetarian… and an Italian bistro. Yucatan was was also chosen for its fine culinary offerings. In fact the students who had the Yucatecan restaurant spoke Maya and wore their regional costumes.

Music played and laughter rang out… the TTT students unfailingly have a good time.

They were also reflective. This group will graduate at the end of June. How have four years passed so quickly?

They spoke about their plans for the future. Some will continue their studies, others already have jobs and will stay with them. A few have family businesses they’ll join. Many will travel to the Mexican Caribbean and take positions at the hotels, travel agencies ,and of course, restaurants located there.

“It isn’t an easy time to be starting my career,” said one young charmer. Then he gave a wink and a huge smile. “But I’ll convince someone to give me a job!” I have no doubt he will…

We will miss the graduating students but they often come back to visit. Last summer, the very first student who registered at our college came by. She lives in Los Angeles, California and said that she has run into classmates there.

It is amazing where the students end up! One of them is studying his Masters in China (in Chinese) Another is in Vienna, also in a Masters program. One thing we try to teach them is that when opportunity knocks, they need to embrace it.

Don’t we all…



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4 responses to “Creativity Abounds

  1. Joanna, I just today received the link to your blog and looked at it for the first time. How serendipitous that the post is about the TTT and the students’ restaurants–right up my alley, of course.

    If you’re not familiar with Mexico Cooks!, I invite you to take a look at it. You’ll see that our mutual friend Jonna has commented on this week’s article, as well as many others over the course of the last four-plus years. If you feel moved to do so, you are welcome to add Mexico Cooks! to your blog roll. I would be very happy to be part of your list.


  2. loretta

    Joanna: Belated Happy birthday. don’t know if you received my email. Please note my new email address.


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