Just for fun…

When was the last time you spent the day just having fun?

I suspect that many of you, like me, get so busy you don’t do this often enough…

Yesterday my friends Carolina and Marsha came by and we spent the WHOLE day… that’s right… the WHOLE day playing with paints…

Carolina is actually quite accomplished but Marsha and I dabble. We both liked to paint when we were younger and have now gone back to it. We agreed that the skills, although very rusty, are still there. It will take time but a psychologist friend told me that once a skill has been learned, a person never “forgets” and it is possible to reclaim… FUN!

Marsha had never used acrylic paint before and enjoyed it so much. I did a colored pencil cartoon of Marsha at the easel… I drew her at an odd angle and with her torso elongated because she seemed to be dancing with her work. Carolina painted a still life we put together.

At lunch time, we ate one of the lasagna that Maggie and I made the other day… we talked and talked and while we didn’t quite solve the world’s problem, we had a good time trying.

We listened to music… a good earthy mix of Santana, Eros Ramazzotti, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, Macy Gray and the Frida sound track (for inspiration…)

Yes, it took a bit of organization to clear the agenda for our day off… but not as much as you’d think. This morning I am still reaping the rewards… I feel light and ready to start the day!

It’s a special day too. Jorge and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary (can’t resist the joke…) “And they said it wouldn’t last!”



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4 responses to “Just for fun…

  1. Love that Day, Joanna. The art work is lovely, and none of you should sell yourselves short!

    “And they said it wouldn’t last”?!! Since reading your blog, and having seen you and Jorge, I often think of a question you asked your audience at the Merida English LIbrary presentation–Is it easier to move here singly or with another person? I’ve finally concluded that it’s harder by oneself, for there are no chances for full days of “just fun”, shared tasks, etc., and especially if one has mascotas.

    BUT I’ve also wanted to tell you that I now believe that you and Jorge have the most amazingly similar SMILES–“they” should have known that the union it would last, just from the smiles. But maybe it’s something else–maybe your smiles have grown to be so alike, over time. ¿Quien sabe? Happy Anniversary!

    (Incidentally, TED.com has a new offering on smiles–a very interesting gathering of evidence. )


    • Thanks Alinde… the painting day was great fun and followed by a two day anniversary celebration… more fun! It has sure been a good week. As for Jorge and I having similar smiles… I never thought about that before but I guess maybe we do… the fact that both of us smile right into a camera also adds the the similarity.

  2. Congratulations to you and Jorge for creating such a successful marriage and partnership.

    Your ‘day off’ sounds lovely. You are inspiring.

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