It rained !!!

It rained!!! After 81 days with no rain, today the sky burst just before lunch time.

You need to remember, I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There it rains ALL the time so to go this long without precipitation is just not… natural. My friends from the west coast say that it has been unseasonably cold and wet there – not much new in that.                                                                                                 

Here, we usually have a lot more frequent rain than we’ve had this spring. Let’s hope the pattern has now been re-set and our rainy season back to stay.

The streets are flooded and puddles are everywhere… Keep your speed down… Do try not to splash the pedestrians…

Make sure your storm drains are clear of leaves and other debris so that the water will be directed back down to the water table.

Keep your schedule flexible. If you get caught in a rainstorm as strong as today’s, there will be no way for you to keep your appointments… Don’t worry though, no one will be upset. They are used to the rains that leave commercial establishments in deep water.




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8 responses to “It rained !!!

  1. Yes, the rain was EXCITING! Even this morning, I could swear that the birds were singing more, and the distant rooster certainly sounded happier as well.

    But let me add–flexible schedules (and plenty of gas, if one’s driving) are a must here, regardless of rain–just one traffic jam can throw off one’s whole daily agenda.
    I even tried to see if I could find a domain name something like “FlexiMex”. (Nope–all gone.)

    I especially love the dragonfly photo.!

  2. We had 10 drops in La Ceiba and 6 in Telchac Puerto. Hope the forecast for this weekend comes true and we have some rain in the entire state….we need it. Chaac, we’re asking for some rain, not a deluge or hurricane. Please be kind.

    • Yes Judy… once Colleen told me there are 11 climate bands between the coast and Merida! I guess each of them receives rain under different conditions. But I feel your pain… Let’s hope Chac decides to go all out this weekend and give us all a good soaking

      • Thanks Alinde… you like the dragonfly. I do too. My garden is all green and perked-up… let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next BIG rain.

  3. Larry

    You are very lucky in Merida! Chaac has smiled on you and answered your requests! But, alas, he did not grant Progreso even a single drop!


  4. Lee

    So does this mark the beginning of rainy season? The forecast shows “chance of rain” three out of the next five days. I looking forward to experiencing it, and not just because it breaks the heat. Not sure why.

    • Well yes, this rain marks the start of the rainy season. But that doesn’t mean it will be a heavy one. We hope… but it’s different every year. The rain cools off the air because it breaks the humidity. There is release… The barometric pressure goes up and you don’t feel the oppresiveness in the air. It’s hard to explain… you have to experience it.

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