IWC Weekend Retreat

I’ve just arrived home… a little tired and hot from the drive, but happy and energized after the International Women’s Club retreat.

Organized by President Marianne and coordinated by IWC club members Faye and Maggie, the Reef Club at Telchac Puerto was the setting for our restorative overnight excursion. The Reef Club is an all inclusive resort, on the Gulf of Mexico, just a 1 ½ hour’s drive from Mérida. The tropical ambiance and attentive service combined to make a perfect escape from Merida’s hot June temperatures.

Besides all the eating and imbibing, our activities included a directed meditation by Lorna Gail, a couple of skits / songs and we watched a DVD…

Caren Cross’s “Lost and Found in Mexico” is the name of the 53 minute film. We looked on spellbound as Caren brought OUR world to life. The featured interviews with a multitude of San Miguel de Allende residents attempt to shed light on the question, “Why did you move to Mexico?” The answers given were vague and rather ambiguous  but WE all understood perfectly!

After the documentary had finished we were left with a swirling sensation and the burning question had to be asked… Why did we move here?

In my case, there is an easy answer: I fell in love and moved to Mexico to be with Jorge. A few of the others present could give a similar reply. The rest… had no easier a time articulating their feelings than the subjects in Caren’s film.

If you have not watched “Lost and Found in Mexico”, I recommend you do so. It is available for purchase at many book stores and online at Amazon.



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3 responses to “IWC Weekend Retreat

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  2. Juanita G.

    Oh, we all had such a great time; our programs were well planned and so enjoyed.

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