Perky Perks at Petac

6 am this morning at Hacienda Petac

Every life has its perks but mine has been particularly perky as of late. I mentioned in an earlier post that over the weekend, I went to the Reef Club in Telchac. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the night at Hacienda Petac. Check out their website… the photos and descriptions are way better than mine!

My very good friend Colleen is the manager there and sees to it that the jewel of a place runs like an exquisite time piece.

The food is perfect…


The company divine…

 The pool chairs are comfy…

 Do you know what this is?


This is not my photo. It was taken by my son in another location… but we saw about twenty identical mot-mots sweeping through the trees and down into a cave.


I could take a lot more of this!


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5 responses to “Perky Perks at Petac

  1. You would definitely know more than me about Queens from the 1500s. I am not a serious a student Renaissance history, I am an observer of human frailty.

  2. norm

    The stone work is an oven. They build a fire inside, let it burn down, sweep the ash out and cook with the heat stored in the stone.

    • You’re absolutely right Norm. At Hacienda Petac, they sometimes make pizza in the outdoor oven and on cold nights they build a fire to keep toasty. At this time of year it’s hard to believe it ever gets cold enough to need a fire!

  3. It looks lovely…sorry I missed it!!

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