Hockey, eh?

I have been known to say that I left Canada because of hockey. I am not overly fond of the game. As a girl I used to go and watch because all my friends did. In those days, the rinks were not heated and by the end of the third period, my knees would be frozen. I didn’t like seeing the hulking male bodies slamming into one another in their mad pursuit to get the tiny puck into the net.

But that said, when there would be a BIG game, I would be as excited as everyone else and would convert into as big a fan as the next person. During the winter Olympics in 2010, I was in seventh Heaven after Canada’s huge win in my hometown, Vancouver. And yes, yes, yes… like almost all of those born in the “true north strong and free”, I puffed up with national pride, put on a red and white shirt and joined in the chorus of, “Hockey is CANADA’s game.”

And so, you could say, that while I am not exactly a loyal hockey fan… I do possess the gene that predisposed me to get very excited when the Vancouver Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. To see them so firmly trounced was disappointing to say the least!

But in Vancouver, no doubt fueled by alcohol, the angry fans turned violent… raging in the streets and setting fires. As the Vancouver Sun reports, the post-game was definitely NOT Canada’s proudest moment.

I ask myself: What possesses some people think they have the right to destroy others’ property, reputations, honor… just because their team lost a game?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t only happen over hockey. More and more violence is seen all over the world for reasons that defy logic…


Meanwhile in Merida yesterday, the International Women’s Club enjoyed an      afternoon of friendship. We were overjoyed that our former president, Harriet, who has been ill, felt well enough to join us.

So maybe this is the answer to living a peaceful existence? Skip professional sports events and controversial arenas of all kinds… focus on your friends and other relationships… Don’t let the negativity sour you!



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13 responses to “Hockey, eh?

  1. Jan Brown

    I feel compelled to post a comment more in sympathy for the wonderful fans who adore sports of all kinds, the thousands of shocked Vancouverites who made their way into work today amidst the debris and horrifying aftermath of last night’s riots, and in support of the citizens who made their way into the downtown core today, garbage bags in hand, or a broom and dustpan, to help city employees clean up the mess. What we have experienced is the senseless wrath of anarchists and hoodlums, who will be caught, as the police recognized some of them from their prior attempts to disrupt the activities in Vancouver during the Olympics. And everyone, and I mean everyone who had a cell phone, a camera or any kind of recording device is giving all of the visual record to the police department…it really is a heartbreaking story but people are coming together to get their city back. Jan

    • You’re absolutely right Jan and it is the same thing that happens in Mexico. There are a few really bad people who make a lot of noise, cause destruction and effectively destroy the reputation of the whole country. I wish that people could understand this. To say that ALL Canadians are crazy and riotous because of what happened last night would be extremely wrong… same goes for those who open the morning paper, read about a shoot-out between two groups of drug lords and then proclaim Mexico a lawless. dangerous place.

  2. Good point, Joanna. I tried for awhile to think of an “answer,” and have concluded that there’s none available to me without spending hours and hours of study. “Me Generation?” Maybe. Perhaps it’s that the “Golden Rule” is being ignored today, despite the fact that Christianity, Judaism, and the religion of Islam all have their own version of it.

    Then I remembered the Dylan song, “Blowin’ in the Wind.” True, the song is offering a rhetorical question, and maybe that’s it’s strength. The same logic can be applied to so many problems faced today, including the perplexing one of the gun “control” laws in the USA, or even the violence sparked by sports events.

    The following site has some interesting comments to the Dylan lyrics. One comment pointed out that the song was written right after the JFK assassination.

    And for those who want a refresher on this great song, go to

    • I didn’t know you were a Dylan fan… I am totally! We need to have a Dylan Day!

      • I would love to have a Bob Dylan Day! You probably have more to contribute than I do, for I’ve only recently become enamored with him–his lyrics are lasting, and retain significance over time. So much of what is current popular/folk music seems to me to be such a waste of effort. But I’m sure that the younger ones out there don’t agree, for “The Times They Are a Changin'”

      • My older cousins loved Dylan and I would hear them play the records… I wasn’t so crazy about him at the start but when the Nashville Skyline album came out, I had found my favorite of all time… it still is my very favorite. Yes, we’ll have a Dylan Day soon

  3. Jeanne

    As Carlos knows, I’m positive about the Bruins and happy they behaved well in Boston. Say “hi” to Harriet for Chas. and me.

  4. You know the old saying… I went to the riot, and a hockey game broke out”.

    It’s embarrassing, perhaps, but I had no clue as to what our customers here in Mazatlan (aka South Vancouver) were talking about when they said “THE game”… I was wondering why we were selling so many more copies of the little booklet we have on Mexican swear words.

  5. Hi Joanna,
    It is disturbing to see the destruction on our familiar Vancouver streets, isn’t it? I don’t think it had much to do with hockey. But there will be, should be, a lot of soul searching in the days to come by a lot of people about how it was handled and how it could have been prevented.

  6. I’ve always liked hockey, growing up in Colorado it was more popular than football! I just don’t understand these rabid fans!! Sorry Vancouver didn’t win, I was rooting for them!!

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