CNN Travel Expert Report

Finally, we spot some fair reporting on a major travel webpage.

An hour inland from Cancun’s beaches, Yucatan state — home to the most popular Mayan sites and “real Mexican” colonial cities such as Merida and Valladolid — is among the country’s safest. The state, with roughly the same population as Kansas, saw two drug-related deaths in 2010. Wichita, Kansas, alone had six gang-related killings over the same period.”

The article goes on to say:

In most of central and southern Mexico, drug violence simply isn’t on the radar of daily life. “It’s as easy-going as it’s always been,” said Deborah Felixson, a diving operator on Cozumel who is “shocked” when people say they had been scared to go to the Caribbean island. “We’re just small communities here. We all know what everyone’s up to.”

Such reporting warms my heart; it’s about time our country gets a break.  The travel advisories issued by the Canadian and American governments have wreaked economic havoc. Not to whine, BUT… they are largely responsible for the disappearance of our college’s 20 year old international student program. You see, students can’t get travel insurance when there’s a travel advisory in place and without insurance, no American or Canadian university can send their students abroad. It takes many months to set up for the groups, and so even if the advisory is lifted, it’s just not possible to reinstate the program.

Do the authorities who issue the advisories realize how much they have terrified people away from Mexico? Do they realize that many of the hotels, restaurants, artisans’ workshops, transportation companies, and others that make up the tourism services industry have been forced to close. Do they care?

Let’s hope this sort of reporting will continue and the next tourism season will see a marked increase in the number of visitors.

Can’t you just picture yourself in one of these pictures next winter?


The beach at Tulum

The beach near Champoton, Campeche

A market in San Cristobal, Chiapas

Having lunch at a charming restaurant in central Mexico

Listening to Mariachi



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4 responses to “CNN Travel Expert Report

  1. Lou Tapp

    touche Joany – i think Vancouver, BC (Canada) has had more drug related deaths & violence than the Yucatan has had, or will ever see ! Perhaps it’s a bit of karma now that Canadian politicians are going to have to work hard to overcome the same kind of prejudices after last Wednesday nights riots!

    • Well, one never likes to see unfair press but I can imagine that Vancouverites now have a much better perception of how we in Yucatan feel about the constant negative portrayal of our country.

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