Abstract Alphabetical Ramblings

Have you ever tried to pen verse, using only words that start with the same letter in each line? Sounds simple?

Do you have any of your own to show? If so, send them as a comment                                                                                          

Weather Change 

About April, Angst Arrives

Because Balmy Breezes Bid Bye-Bye

Continuous Calm Causes Cantankerousness

 Dangerous Degrees Dehydrate,

Entirely Everyone –

Forages For Frozen Fudgsicles …


Imprudent Behavior

Good Guy Guzzles Gin…

Hellacious Heat Has Him Hollering,                                                                                                                                                                     

Increased Inebriation Is Indicated!”

“… Just Joking Judge!”


Metaphysical Madness and Metaphors

Karma Kindly Kisses –

Loquacious Laughing Lovers

My Mind Meanders Musically –

Now Nurtured, Now Newborn                                                                                                                                                                                  


Financial Foibles

Objective Observation Often Offers Opportunities –

Providing Pretty Premiums

Quickly, Quietly …

Randomly Raining Riches!



Sailboats Slip Silently

Tacking Towards Treacherous Tailwinds

Untroubled, Unconcerned – Ubiquitously Unified

Veterans Venture Victoriously…

Women Wait While

Xenophobia …

Yanks Youth




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6 responses to “Abstract Alphabetical Ramblings

  1. You two are too cute!

    Here’s one, which I devised after reminiscing about the graciousness of so many Mexicans.

    Créalo–Common courtesy cures countless cultural cancers, como catiness.

    • That is excellent Alinde! Trust you to come up with it… How long did it take you?

      • I can’t really say how long it took me, Joanna. I get up very early, to think, gaze at the rising sun and such. During those couple of hours, a lot of things cross my mind, and sometimes I take notes. It started with the thought, about how empathetic so many Mexicans have been to me. Then I thought of your post, and I thought of “common courtesy.” From then on, there were fleeting additions to my list of words, throughout the morning, and a few dictionary searches.

        I believe this is the method of thinking that introverts use, hence our valuation of periods of reflection.

      • Thomas Edison (ahem… excuse the pun) a very bright light, once said, “The best thinking has been done in solitude.”

  2. kris

    fun fetish formulating frases 🙂
    bravo being brave

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