It’s nice to be missed… thank you!

I have not posted any new articles or uploaded comments since early Monday morning, and many readers have written to ask if I’m alright, if I have a problem… “Where are you?” they want to know.

I’m right here… happy and healthy but until a few minutes ago, without Internet.  I don’t know what happened but I suspect the heavy rain associated with Tropical Storm #4 has been the cause.

My mom and me  Normally when this happens, it’s “No prob’ Bob…” My son Carlos seems to be able to fix all such disorder. But alas, my internet signal wasn’t the only severed connection to occur on Monday… My fair-haired boy has left Mérida, at least for the time being. He will be getting married soon, living and studying abroad. Believe me… I already miss him and for many more things than his abilities to deal with IT glitches.

But fortunately, Carlos has left me in good hands, his friend Sergio came to the rescue this afternoon and we are all up and running again. Sigh…                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Before I became a mommy, no one told me what it would feel like to see your child fly the coop. But now I know, and I will tell you… it feels like being kicked by a horse!

Thirty years ago, as new parents, Jorge and I could no more imagine being separated from our little bundle of joy, than we could contemplate life without each other. His sister came along a few years later, and it seemed  Carlos and me   there was so much time… unlimited time… but guess what? “Time flies” is a popular idiom because it is true!

This is not our first experience with him leaving home… we’ve had lots of trial runs (university, trips, job relocation, and so on) But somehow this separation is the BIGGIE!                                                                                                  

 “Imagine how awful this would be if we didn’t love Jeanette and were not happy about his upcoming marriage?” I asked Jorge. “Yes,” he answered, “And don’t you have a new appreciation for how your parents felt when you moved here?”

Do I ever… My family’s support made it possible for me to live so far away from them… we hope our son will always feel that even though great distances separate us, he is always “in our arms”.

Carlos and Jeanette

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