What’s T-H-I-S?

T-H-I-S is what all the screaming is about

When I was a child, and heard my mother say, “What’s T-H-I-S?” I knew she had lost every reserve of patience. An explanation from me had better be forthcoming… NOW!  Today, I would use “Mom’s words”, and direct them towards the PAN party leaders.

Whether or not you agree with the building of the tunnel (known as an underpass where I come from…)…  I think it is important to be truthful about your reasons for either supporting or damning it.

Today I heard several PAN leaders go on and on about the environment and how this tunnel will all but take the planet into a nuclear winter. I have never before heard them use the “green theme”, and for them to do so as a way to provoke the PRI mayor and governor is sleazy at best. Where were their conservationist sympathies when true blows to the environment were inflicted?

And while we’re on the topic… why aren’t these esteemed party leaders getting their faithful revved up about really important issues that need immediate attention? You don’t see anyone from this group protesting  for underground wiring, for clean, clear sidewalks and por favor… por  favor… por favor  lanes painted on the streets.

I would applaud a true show of civic consciousness, but I decry the political manipulation I’ve seen the past few days.

P.S. I was rather surprised that no one commented on the mutton chop sideburns on Mungo Jerry, who was featured in yesterday’a blog. Remember when that was a desirable look?



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10 responses to “What’s T-H-I-S?

  1. Describing what happened on July 4th as a “hockey game” is an amazing statement.

    • Coming from the same neck of the woods as I do, you should realize that I make reference to a particular hockey game… the final Stanley Cup game in Vancouver a few months back. Although there were different teams and different agendas, the crowd’s behavior was not so different

  2. Thank you for your honest opinion on TYT concerning Ed`s column peice about this whole issue. I am quite aware that you as well as myself, have been following this extensively since it began. There is no doubt in my mind that you fully grasp what is going on here, just the simple fact of your many years and position within the Mexican community gives you a very unique insider`s view that many new comers simply can not attain without years of following this state`s politics.
    My very personal opinion: expats must begin to prepare themselves, elections are just around the corner. It is very different here and we are bound to see some major political battles, in a much different way than North American countries. There are many underlying issues at hand, several we will not see come to fruition until something like this happens. Please, be very aware that yucatecan Spanish newspapers each support their own agenda and political party. Once identified, it is much easier to sort through the slew of articles and decipher what exactly is going on.

  3. Joanna,
    I truly don’t think this is a political argument between PRI and PAN. The Schools of Architecture, Plan Estrategico de Merida, a UNESCO Cultural Patrimony group, Merida Verde (with Julie Hoover, a proven city planner), the neighbors in the area, Coparmex, and the Architectural Association, are just a few of the many groups against this plan.

    Take a look at this video Carlos Loret, entrevista al Arq David Sosa, manifestante que fue agredido en la ciudad de Mérida http://www.youtube.com

    You will hear that David Sosa is an architect who has/does work with the PRI…and he got WHOMPED.

    And, IF it were a political thing…. does that give our city leaders the right to send in paid thugs?? The pictures are all very clear. Political or not…. violence is not the answer.

    We don`t want another Tlecoco ’68… sorry…that’s not the name or spelling… but you know what I mean… the student massacre.

    Thanks for listening to me.

    • Judy, Tlatelolco was an altogether different thing. I have to make that very clear. I would love to agree with you about the underpass; you are my friend, but I see this confrontation as a continuation of so much that has gone before. The PAN cannot stand anything this governor does. I have seen other reports come out of La Facultad de Arquitectura that approve the project. In this country EVERYTHING is political. Paid thugs? I don’t know but it wouldn’t be the first time that any of the parties stoop to this. There’s so much bad blood and old history repeating… I will always listen to you, but this is one time where I’m afraid I have to disagree.

      • andy pennil

        Hi, I vacation here often with my wife who is from here. I have also spoken to many local whose political affiliation I do not know and there has not been one that has had anything positive to say about this. The first time I heard about the tunnel I said to myself, the streets in the place were flooded every day for almost a week in late June and they want to essentially build a bath tub to capture all the water in a city with no sewers!
        Speaking to some local members of the chambers of commerce, not one organization has come out in favor of this, including the School of Architecture, except the Construction Chamber which is no surprise and understandable. I have had people confirm to me their first hand accounts of seeing thugs beating the protesters. In today or yesterday’s Diario there are photos of the thugs with the mayor. Take it for what it is worth. Moreover, a couple of different unconnected people told that the State Police allowed the thugs to pass to do the dirty work so that they could secure the machinery afterward and deny they used force.

        I have read the Diario and La Voz and both have been critical of the way the protesters were handled with the Diario being a more forceful that La Voz. However, the images and videos do not lie. I read your comments and it strikes me that you are an apologist for the mayor and the governor. Are you in favor of this tunnel? What are the reasons to support it? You mention none. I get the impression that you would have argued that the Egyptian, Tunisian, Iran, and Syrian uprisings are just business as usual politics. In reading your comments, no mas, will never be possible.

        Just because others have been wrong in the past, does not make what is going on here right or OK.

        Thanks for your blog and allowing me to express my option, but, respectfully, you are on the wrong side of history on this one.

      • Thank you for writing. I respect yours and others’ opinions. I do not condone violence but please don’t compare this to the the Egyptian, Tunisian, Iran, and Syrian uprisings or suggest that I would consider them “business as usual.” Actually though by doing so, you illustrate my major point. I think this is a small issue for such a huge reaction and it upsets me how both sides have allowed it to go so far. The reactions have been passionate and proactive, I think it is sad that the citizens can not summon up this level of political / civic consciousness and protest really important injustices – there are certainly plenty of them. My feelings about the issue have certainly modified over the course of the week, as both sides go to further extremes… it is quite a different situation than the way it began. I’ll probably post again on the topic as more details unfold.

  4. The Mungo Jerry sideburns/mutton chops are hilarious – not very summery to be wearing a fur coat on your face, is it?
    As a foreigner, I am trying to stay away from opinionizing on political issues, but from the video coverage I saw yesterday, it looked like a hockey game was about to break out on the glorieta !

    • Thanks for the comment… I thought those sideburns were unbelievable! And yes…”a hockey game” is a good way to describe yesterday’s mess at the glorieta.

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