Adios Amigo…

Today I’m wearing long black dress and a lace mantilla covers my face. I have stopped all the clocks and covered the mirrors. A novena is in progress and wreaths of flowers line the room…

A bit of an exaggeration… I’m not quite THIS bereft but I am sad. One of my favorite blogs has folded.

In the early morning, The Zapata Tales was usually the first site I viewed. Quite often Don Felipe Zapata and I would be posting at about the same time… I would comment or he would and we’d get a little bit of mutual admiration to start the day. I didn’t always agree with Felipe but I always respected him… very much.

One of the things I enjoy about blogging, is making friends with other bloggers. I consider that Felipe is my friend. He always says sweet things about his wife and when he speaks of his nephew the ”Little Vaquero,” it’s obvious that the man who likes to portray himself as an old curmudgeon is actually a bit of a softie. But he does not suffer fools gladly as evidenced in his gossip about the “Widow Woman” and in his jabs at the “Egg Man”, her late husband.

We’d kid one another about our very different regions. He loves his mountainous, lakeside, temperate climate and   sends me condolences because I live in a “hot, sweaty place.” He taught me that what I call morning doves are in truth called Inca doves. I love learning things like that.

I admire his writing… always descriptive, concise and perfect. He likes Emily Dickinson and a quote from one of her poems was his blog’s motto:

“If I stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.”

And this quote from Miss Emily probably sums it up:

“Saying nothing sometimes says the most”

P.S. Don Felipe sent an update, so I can store my mourning dress… His new site  is up and running, featuring two posts from the former Zapata Tales… we all look forward to the new content.



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6 responses to “Adios Amigo…

  1. I am also sorry to see Don Felipe’s Zapata Tales depart the blogosphere. I did not find him until a few months ago, but have enjoyed his posts and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we hail from the same part of the US, different states, but close proximity. Our politics probably are polar opposites, but I also saw the”softer” side that comes across in his beautiful writing. I look forward to more of “The Unseen Moon”. The first installment brought a tear to my eyes.

    • Yes I agree… Felipe, whether you agree with him or not, commands respect. The two posts on The Unseen Moon appeared previously on the Tales… very Jack London-ish to me. As a western Canadian I love this

  2. It’s already debuted. Still short, but more in time.

  3. Joanna: You are kind. Let me point out that the mugshot is not me, though it does resemble me to a large degree. I found it on the internet and was surprised. That guy looks a bit older than I do, however, or I would like to think so. I have used the photo, which is actually a painting, for quite a spell.

    I have started a new website called The Unseen Moon. It will be quite different with less frequent items. I’ve been thinking the last few days exactly how I will handle it, and I think it is gradually coming into focus. It will be about Mexico, however, only very tangentially. I’m going to let others talk about Mexico from now on.

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