Coincidence or what?

Do you believe in coincidences? Or when serendipitous things happen, do you believe there’s more than meets the eye? I happen to feel the latter is often the case.

First “coincidence”: Today would have been my parent’s 59th wedding anniversary.

Second “coincidence”: Today, I received Christmas greetings from my cousin who lives in Canada. In with her card, she enclosed three letters, three photographs, and two drawings. And no, my cousin isn’t mixed up with her dates… the letter was mailed well before last year’s Yuletide season. But… somehow the “Mexico” part of the address got damaged and so the envelope made a world tour before it arrived into my hands.

Third “coincidence”: The letters, photographs and drawings are from 1955 and were sent to my grandmother and my parents from my aunt who lives in Holland.  She is 99 years old and today, I found out that while Jorge and I are in Amsterdam on August 4th, she expects us for “tea” at 4 pm.

In the letters she says how much I (a little girl in 1955) look like the van der Gracht side of the family and she wonders what I’ll look like when I’m older… I plan to take the letters and pictures to show her.

So all of that coming on the same day seems like “more than a coincidence!”


  • The Canadian soldier is my father is 1945. See how young he is… and he had fought for 6 years by that time.
  • The drawing is by my aunt; it is the view from her studio on one of Amsterdam’s canals
  • The child’s face, used on the header is mine as it was in 1955


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8 responses to “Coincidence or what?

  1. YucatanMan

    The universe, in its infinite wisdom, knows when to bestow kindly blessings and create small and large wonders for us to enjoy.

    What a fortunate coincidence that these treasures have arrived at this time!

    Your father looks far too young and unworn to have fought for 6 years in that awful war. How lucky for all that he survived all those years!

    • Yes, my dad looks way too young and fresh to have been there for 6 years, but he certainly was. Liberating Amsterdam was where he met his first cousin (who I call Aunt) She had sheltered people throughout the Occupation and he took food to the household… no need to say what a huge deal that was. It was the start of a life-long friendship that I am honored to be a part of.

  2. I think about this often, too, Joanna–and I can’t accept “coincidence” very often.
    I had a visitor one day, a singer-songwriter. I was playing iTunes. Out of over 3000 songs, set to RANDOMLY play, one of the two by her that I have saved started up!

    My Google search reveals that I’m not the only one who believes my iPod/iTunes has psychic powers! And then there’s the pet-human ESP.

    Coincidences? I really doubt it.

    • Yes, things like that happen so often… it can’t be mere coincidence. I believe there’s an energy that connects like minds; I’ll bet that many times happen without us even being aware of them

  3. Debi

    OMG – that this letter made the world tour and found you is a tale unto itself. Does the envelope have lots of postmarks?
    Regardless of the journey, what a fabulous surprise to receive!

    • Yes, there are lots of marks but they are all smudged… I loved your post about the Harry Potter movie. I too adore the books and the movies. I think the last one is the best they made… WOW! Hope you and Tom are enjoying Houston.

  4. What a truly great treasure to receive no matter that it arrived 7 months late. I find it amazing that the letter found its way to you after such a long & circuitous journey. Just in time for tea at four on the 4th.

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