A New Project!

Now that my novel is done, and is in my editor’s hands, the laptop keys are pretty quiet. There will be at least one more revision (no doubt) and yet… I am now thinking about my next writing project. I don’t want to do more fiction for the moment, and in fact, I don’t want to write in English; I need a new challenge. I am going to write a book in Spanish, and once it is finished, I will probably translate the work into English.

What might I be contemplating? Well… I have been thinking a lot about how the population of Merida views the arrival of so many foreigners. Most of those I have spoken to have told me that they don’t know what to think because they don’t understand the phenomenon. “Millions of Latin Americans want to go to the USA and Canada. They want to work there. And a whole bunch of gringos are coming here! I don’t get it,” one of my friends told me.

I got the sense that she really wanted to comprehend… why on God’s earth… established citizens of another country would up and leave: their communities, their comfort, their families, culture, language… the works!

It got me thinking that this would be an excellent topic for a book… why not my book? The more I pondered the idea, the more excited I got and so… I have now have a new project!

But I require some help. I need people who will allow me to interview them, take a photograph and tell their tale. Are you curious? I’m sure so many of you have really interesting stories, opinions and takes on the topic. Think about it… And if you’d like further information before deciding to be one of those I speak with, send me an email: joannavdg@gmail.com  If you are from a European country, from the Pacific or from Asia, I want to hear your yarn too.

I think this book will be very popular among the citizens of Yucatan… and will build goodwill. Here’s your chance to be a part of history!



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20 responses to “A New Project!

  1. Nancy Walters

    You know I am in love with this country and its people for 35 years so I have a few good tales to tell of how I arrived here…

  2. You’re one active woman. Good luck with the future project, señora.

  3. Leslie

    If you need additional folks to interview for this wonderful project, count on us.

  4. I ws thinking the same as Marc…you’re the perfect person to write this.

  5. This is an excellent idea! I can’t wait to read it!

  6. Joanna,
    Well, you know my story… LOVE made me stay…love for Juan Manuel AND love of Merida, the tropics, Spanish….the whole works. If I can help….let me know.

    On another note…when do you leave for the boda?

  7. Fabulous idea Joanna, you know Tom and I will help any way we can!


  8. WOW…just thinking of all the people we have met in the past 2+ years always asking the same questions; “why Merida? why Mexico?” I will have to polish up my Spanish skills so I can read the first edition! Buena suerte!

    • That’s right Nancy… especially so that you can read the part about you and Barry; I’d love it if you’d allow me to interview you… Let me know!

  9. Lee

    What a brilliant concept, and who better to drive it. Twenty years ago, there were very few Mexicans living in my neighborhood, and now they’re firmly in place and running their own markets and restaurants. I often wonder what they would think if they knew my plan. Each morning I greet the custodian when I arrive at my office, and I want to ask him “are you from Mexico? From Yucatan by any chance? Guess what I’m doing…”

    Of course, judging by the cuisine, I don’t think many of them are from Yucatan.

    • There is so much mobility nowadays… people moving for all kinds of reasons. Isn’t it more urgent than ever for our society to keep sane, and not see this desire to stretch our horizons as some kind of threat. Maybe you should share your secret with the custodian… perhaps not the fact that you are buying a home here, but you could share your interest and appreciation for Mexico in general. He will be pleased I’m sure.

  10. Joanna, it sounds like a great idea and with your background and bicultural experience you are the perfect person to do it. I look forward to hearing about the project as it moves along.

  11. Bruce Kelley

    Hola Joanna!
    We’ve love to participate in any fashion for your next project.
    Buenas suerte!

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