Amsterdam, Amsterdam!

Being bumped off our flight to Amsterdam certainly did not make for an auspicious start to out great European adventure. But yes, that is how it all began… We did finally manage to straighten things out… after a fashion because we agreed to be rebooked (What choice did we have?) And to make  a  l-o-n-g story a bit shorter, we ended up arriving in Amsterdam just as the sun set… the next day!

Tired as we were, we set out on a restorative walk to find a restaurant we all remembered from past trips. Eureka… we did. and after a hearty meal, we slept like sleep deprived babies…

The next morning saw us greeting our friends Henk and Jan who took us to a botanical garden right in the Centrum. The flowers were lovely but I loved the butterflies best!

We made our way from there to the studio of my 99 year old aunt. Gisele can run circles around people decades younger than she is and her stories of a long life, well-lived kept us entertained into the late afternoon.

Henk and Jan rejoined us after our time with our family’s matriarch and we resumed our tour of the highlights of Amsterdam. Although it is not the capital of the Netherlands,it is the country’s largest city. The Dutch are hard working and disciplined but they also have quite an edge! And this coming weekend being the celebration of Gay Pride… the streets were fuller than ever. Great people watching!

Tomorrow we head for Norway… More to come!

Photos: Top photo: Jorge and I … happy, happy in Amsterdam. The second photo was taken the day before, just before we boarded our flight out of Mexico City… then the next, at our hotel in Amsterdam (at 11 pm the next day!) Me with a butterfly and Jorge with a bike… The two of us with Gisele… Her sinature… One of Gisele’s stained glass windows… Houseboats on a canal




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6 responses to “Amsterdam, Amsterdam!

  1. Interesting photo of you and your aunt. Enjoy the trip. I’ve always wanted to see Amsterdam. Probably never will. Sigh.

  2. Sounds like you are having a blast! I love the photo with you and that gorgeous butterfly, so you! I can`t wait to see the wedding photo`s and hear all about the happy couple. Congratulations, you have raised two beautiful children and your soon-to-be daughter in law`s, spirit shines through her photo`s…their love is evident. Please give them my best wishes for their new ventures together.

  3. Lee

    Thank you for continuing to blog while you’re traveling! We’re touring Europe vicariously through you and your family. Gisele sounds like a treasure.

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