Moving on… with mixed emotions

August 8th saw Jorge, Maggie, Ricardo and I saying Good bye to Oslo and Hello “La bella Roma!” But it was not without great poignancy… Leaving Carlos and Jeanette produced more than a few tears and bidding farewell to her family and all the friends who had come to join us for the magical day was also a wretch…

This seems to be the story of our lives, doesn’t it? I am convinced that Heaven must be a big party with all our loved ones in one special place and the joy of seeing one another is not followed by the inevitable sorrow of separation…

But alas… we’re not there, and so must take our happiness as it comes along!

Jeanette and I

Here are a few pictures of some of the long-to-be-remembered memories of our time in Norway.     Jorge with Gunnar – Jeanette’s dad

My great friends Christiane and Dalila who came from France and Austria for the wedding, are still as silly as ever!

   Carlos and Maggie’s cousin Pepe came all the way from China and Carlos’ school friend, Zane,  from Canada arrived to take photos of the wedding!                                                                                                                  





Carlos and his UNB professor, Christiane                                         

Jeanette’s mom, Elizabeth and I hit it off so well!   Carlos’ friend Roque with Maggie and Ricardo came from California…

Dalila and her son Christian who sang at the ceremony and reception                                                                                     


Another moving experience in Oslo, was witnessing the not-yet-healed scars of the bombing and mass shooting. The scenes were all too sad… I think that these next pictures depict the pain of this peaceful nation.Yet as the Norwegians are the first to point out… life goes on.

The last picture is of Jorge and me (and our bags!) arriving into Termini, Rome’s HUGE train station… And once we’d settled into our apartment on Via Clementina, we found the corner pizzeria. It’s goinng to be a great ten days!




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5 responses to “Moving on… with mixed emotions

  1. That would mean spending a lot of time in Italy. Do you think you could handle the hardship of it all?

  2. Thanks for taking us along. It is wonderful to see your happy family and to share in the big event and further adventures. Skol!

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