Regione delle Colline: Our Roman Neighborhood

The cold and cough are easing now that I’m taking some high powered Italian drugs – yet, going too far afield is not yet an option. Jorge and I have let Maggie and Ricardo do the long distance sightseeing while we pretty much stay within a kilometer of two of our apartment.  Let me take you on a little pictorial tour of Regione delle Colline – our Roman neighborhood  :

Exiting our place, we can opt to take a little stroll through Piazza degli Zingari…

When we look down the street, what do we see? Ecco! The Coliseum!

We also pass by our church, built in 1502…                                                                           

Street art of every description abounds:


If we turn the other way and head down a few steps to the Piazza de Venezia,  located at the foot of the Capitoline Hill and near the Roman Forum. La Columna de Trajano is immediately visible…                                                                                           

But the piazza is actually dominated by the imposing Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II.

In 2009, during excavations for the Rome C Metro Line ancient remains of what has been identified as Emperor Hadrian’s Athenaeum were unearthed in the middle of the square.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Italy’s declaration as a Republic, so much restoration is taking place in this part of the city.

As we wander back home to our second floor nest on Via Clementina, we pass by “our” grocery store for a few nibbles…

And then, it’s time for la siesta… the Italians are as big on that as Yucatecans are!



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2 responses to “Regione delle Colline: Our Roman Neighborhood

  1. Lee

    The Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the first things I saw when the cab driver transported us from the airport. I remember thinking it was so beautiful as to be surreal. I was unprepared for such beauty because so many people underplayed the city’s appeal.

    • Maybe this is because Rome is overwhelming! Everywhere you turn, you see something new and beautiful … I sure can’t imagine anyone underplaying the city’s charms (unless they’re trying to keep it a secret!) But by the crowds I see, the well kept “secret” is out.

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