Empty Nesters…

The end of our first week in Rome… we’ve had such amazing experiences! Even the  killer cold (that would have required lots of time off work back home) didn’t stop us from getting out and seeing the sites.

We are now “empty nesters”… Maggie and Ricardo left Rome this morning and will spend the last days of their holiday in Paris with Maggie’s friends Celine and Max.  Maggie and Celine met while both of them were doing a student internship at New Brunswick Community College in St. Andrews, NB Canada.

After the excursion to Ostia Antica on Saturday, and all the excitement of our missed train experiences… a day of rest was definitely in order. I sketched and read; we did a couple of loads of laundry, and slept the afternoon away.

By 6 pm, the sun still held lots of light but the heat had dissipated, and we felt ready  to face the throngs. Ah, perhaps I have not mentioned the crowds? Almost everywhere you go in Rome, your camera’s viewfinder needs to compete with hundreds of others jockeying for the primo photo spot… Hence, I just let a lot of opportunities go by.

The metro is the first contact point. Weekends and weekdays alike… 1000s of Romans ride the trains – everywhere. Transportation in Rome is great. We bought one week passes (good for the metro and almost all buses and trains) for 16 Euros.

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain both provided lots more interesting         people watching, as well as views of the attractions themselves. Jorge and I threw many pesos into the “virgin waters” … making good wishes for all.

After a long, slow walk along the Via del Corso, we were back in our neighborhood, and ended the day of rest by sharing a bottle of wine, a bucket of mussels, two limoncellos and a tiramisu at a restaurant recommended to us by our good friends Larry and Reg. Thanks for the great suggestion Guys… you never steer us wrong!

Photos: Maggie and Ricardo leaving the nest, The crowds on the Metro, The Spanish Steps (2), Trevi Fountain (2)

The End of the Day                               



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4 responses to “Empty Nesters…

  1. I second the Borghese. It’s smaller, more intimate, and not as crowded as some of the other galleries/museums. The sculptures are magnificent.

    This is totally off subject, but I just finished your book. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  2. Larry

    Despite your colds, sounds like your week in Rome turned out to be very memorable and wonderful! By the way, which restaurant did you go to that we recommended? Are you planning to go to Tivoli Gardens, Hadrian’s Villa or the Catacombs this trip? We certainly recommend all of them… We rode the buses along with the locals to all three. We certainly are enjoying reading your daily postings. Have you visited the Borghese Gallery?

    Happy touring!

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