Carta de Firenze

At dinner last night…

When Jorge and I left Florence five years ago, I prayed we would return, and yesterday, my prayers were answered. I am sure that anyone who has been immersed in the heady sensorial excess of this place knows the kind of magic of which I speak.

In this city of the Medici, the light and the richness of color are unique. The warmth of the Tuscan sun and the briny breath of the Arno River have entered my lungs, and triumphed over the last vestiges of that beastly Nordic virus. The music on the wind is eclectic, the art is absolutely everywhere, the flowers are profuse. I feel like a principezza fiorentina!

In an earlier incarnation, the building where our apartment is located was a palazzo. The location on the right bank of the Arno and the imposing architecture could not be more perfect

Our first walk around and through the city took us past many familiar  well –  remembered places, and today, we saw still more. Florence is not a large city but the scope of the beauty is huge.

I hope you enjoy the photos…



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4 responses to “Carta de Firenze

  1. Thanks, Joanna… Firenze has got to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet… it is nice to be back there, if only virtually. Enjoy!!

    • Sometimes people ask me, if not Merida… what is my favorite city? Florence always comes to mind right away. My friend Dalila says that Florentinos are Yucatecos who speak Italian.

  2. Reg

    Memories from the corners of my mind…..just like the song says! I need to figure out how to get the Barbara soundtrack of that song to accompany my photo album…..

    Enjoy every moment! And, Joanna…don’t forget to shop!

    • Ah Reg… there is NO ferragosto here in the land of the commercially-inlclined Medici. So far a dear little blue leather purse has found it’s wany into my hands… But you should see the ceramica florentina… El Parian is pretty cool BUT… what there is here is incredible. I cannot take it … I’d need a Sherpa and Jorge is not offering his services… But, I’m taking pictures. Hey… maybe we could custom order in Puebla? LOL…

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