Pitti Palace and other delights…

Yesterday, Jorge and I (advance tickets in hand) made our way along the Arno River, over Ponte Veccio to the Pitti Palace. This was the home of Cosimo I and his wife Leonore and their numerous children.

Like the Uffizi, the Palazzo Veccio, and La Academia this museum is so full of art, it is absolutely impossible to see it all. We made a great effort, but after five full hours, we were all but comatose.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the museum because it is forbidden to take them (even without flash) but if you like, go to this link for a virtual tour.                                                                         

Adjacent to the palace are the gardens which offer spectacular views of Florence:

After a restorative 4 hour siesta, Jorge and I were back on the streets and found MORE terra cotta that (regrettably) you won’t be seeing in our home. The proprietress of “Migliori” allowed me to take these photos:

Then my eyes landed on THIS beauty… If anyone knows of someone in Mexico who could replicate this ultra-wonderful outdoor stove, please let me know …

We wandered back down the shore of the Arno about 9 pm and heard     music… en español!  There below, right at the river’s edge was a laid back club serving nachos, mojitos, margaritas… the works! We stayed ‘til “Club Salamanca” closed and then weaved back across the river and into bed…                                



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2 responses to “Pitti Palace and other delights…

  1. I am totally impressed you spent five hours in a museum. I would have been comatose after a couple. The intensity of looking at great art is very pleasurable, but the brain cells can overload quickly.

    I hear that if you bring a picture, anything can be replicated in Mexico.

    Continue to enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

    • Jorge my excellent guide makes the time pass so quickly… he made the Pitti come alive as he has done in so many other museums around the world… I am blessed.

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