Arrivederci Roma!

The view of the Arno River from our balcony

Could the title of my last post from Italy be anything but: Arrivederci  Roma!

We have enjoyed this holiday so much but after a month away, getting home to Mérida is all Jorge and I can think about. The last leg of our journey is getting closer, and we are feeling excited to see our daughter and friends… I can’t wait to swim in my pool and sleep in my own bed.

But I also know that once we have settled back into our routines, memories of this time will often saunter into our hearts and minds.

One of the best things about staying here in Florence has been our apartment. We are located on the right bank of the Arno River; our view is of the old city, perched above swaying cyprus and birch trees. We never tire of watching the water birds and otter feeding on the banks. There’s so much going on all day long, and in the evenings the music carries downwind from the small bars that line the shore.

For the past five days, there has been the excitement of 17 delegations competing for top catch in the “International Pole Fishing Tournament” to be held here over the weekend.  We’ve watched them positioning and practicing across the water  and to think… we’ll miss seeing which country wins!

“Costco” won’t cut it for us anymore… we’ll mourn the fact that we can no longer shop at Florence’s mammoth mercato, nor in the small neighborhood negozio de alimentari.  We have found the most delectable and sometimes mysterious edibles… We easily identified the olive oil, truffles, and porcini mushrooms, but a couple of days ago we figured out that the “pate” we’ve been scarfing down is actually tripe.

We know it’s time to detox from the daily bottle (sometimes plural) of vino and the limoncello every night…   My cholesterol will certainly lower once I stop my daily intake of seafood, rich cheeses and spicy sausage. But oh, it has all tasted so deliizioso!

The confusion between the Italian language and our familiar español will no longer leave me looking aghast at what I THINK I’ve heard. The funniest example being the Florentine word for “cherubs”… it is “putti,” which sure doesn’t mean plump baby angels in our corner of the world!

And the Florentine sense of style! Everything here is chic. The men and women both dress with gauzy, gutsy flair. Their lustrous long hair flows out behind them as they dash through traffic on their Vespas or teensy-weensy Fiats. Even the babies look fashionable in their 60 Euro blue suede shoes… Si, si, si … Italians spend A LOT of money to look as good as they do.

I’ll miss the churches where I’ve felt blessed (“G.R. –  grazia ricevuta” is the term the Italians use to describe having received the grace of God.) The powerful symbolism, gold and centuries of incrementing adornment are a sight to behold.

As is all the art. It is EVERYWHERE in Italy! Sculptures, paintings, terracotta, frescos, architecture… Turn yourself around in a circle and your eyes will take in 360 degrees of beauty.

The sunlight, especially in Tuscany is bright but at the same time, soft… everything glows. Flowers are   profuse – tumbling out of courtyards and artfully designed in stupendous Murano and Venetian vases…

Italy is a country where earthiness and élan co-exist. I love it here… there’s no denying that. And yet, the fusion of Mexico’s pre-Columbian, colonial and contemporary Latin America charm is hard to top.

We are sad to leave… we’ll miss Italy. Yet we’re happy to be homeward bound.  Arrivederci  Roma!

¡Hasta pronto Mérida!

Photos: Some are mine, the rest were taken by Colleen Leonard


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11 responses to “Arrivederci Roma!

  1. Larry

    We have enjoyed following your blog and reliving our experiences in Italy…Welcome home to Merida!!! and to the joys of everyday life here! ….Til the next wedding! ….. LOL!

  2. So…is Jorge bringing the apron home to wear at your next party? Miss you and glad that you are heading home.

  3. PS–can’t resist this–Did you buy those tantalizing garments shown in your grape-eating photo there in Italy? They’re wonderful!!

  4. Yes, thanks for the travelogue! Tell me, is that a Mexican Corona in Jorge’s raised hand?! Homesickness shows itself in all kinds of ways. I also remember sometimes wanting a “vacation from my vacation.” Have a RESTful return flight!

  5. I’ve really enjoyed your trip, thanks so much for sharing. Many times I felt I was there with you.

    • I am really pleased that you had as good a time as I did… Right now we’re at the Rome airport hotel and enjoying an iced spritz.. Taking advantage of the LAST moments.

  6. Lee

    When you’re home, you’ll probably wonder if it was all a gorgeous dream — and if you really left at all. Luckily, you’ve left lots of evidence on your blog, and we call all verify that you did indeed enjoy a Roman Holiday. Safe journey!

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