Our final photo on the balcony of our Florence apartment

When today was just a few minutes old, Jorge and I walked through our front door and he said, “THIS is the BEST hotel!” And I couldn’t have agreed more…

Our trip from Florence to Mérida began at noon on Thursday and as I’ve already said, it finally ended early Saturday. We enjoyed a wonderful holiday, but the travel part was no fun at all. In fact it was a supremely challenging test of our endurance. In the train stations and at the airports, there is absolutely NO customer service. That concept is absolutely gone.

Nonetheless the eleven hour flight from Amsterdam to Mexico City was made as pleasant as possible by the great crew on board our KLM flight number 0685.

I am too tired to write more today but I will leave you with some final photos of our time in Florence…

It’s great to be home!

A last stroll through the streets…

Florence is just so picturesque

A fuzzy picture of us at the little bar down on the bank of the Arno River… we were pretty “fuzzy” too!

Some travellers have a sense of humor. This duck was tied to a suitcase and made everyone smile

I will never forget the fabulous markets of Italy

In Florence, our friends Colleen and Lance were great company

But you’re so right Jorge… there’s no place like HOME!



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6 responses to “Home!

  1. Welcome home! It’s nice to go to new places but there really is no place like home. I’ve enjoyed reading along as you posted about your travels.

  2. Thank you for sharing your “vivencias” during your beautiful Italian escapade……mari rudd

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