Come one… come all!

I’m joining the chorus and inviting all bloggers to the

4th Annual Latin American Bloggers Conference

Saturday November 5th

   9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Once again, the event will be held here in Merida, Yucatan, MEXICO

The venue will be our college:

Tecnología Turística Total (TTT)

Calle 57 No. 492 por 56 y 58,

Centro Histórico

This is a locally organized conference, it is not officially sponsored by any web hosts, although we’re sure they’d be excited to hear our plans – all of us are from Mérida, and use either WordPress or Blogger.

We are:

Barry: Nancy and Barry in Mexico:

Debi: Debi in Merida:

Joanna: Writing From Merida:

Jonna: Blah, blah, blah Ginger:

Marc: An Alaskan in Yucatan:

Theresa: What do I do all day?

You can read more about the program, make suggestions and register for this free conference on the website:

Or if you prefer to send a private message, use the conference’s email.

Although the workshops and round table talks will all take place on November 5th, there will also be a get-together the evening before, and there will be a couple of shared meals on the actual day of the conference.

We look so forward to seeing you!  



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2 responses to “Come one… come all!

  1. Joanna, it would be better if people only sent their correspondence regarding the conference to latambloginfo at gmail dot com so it’s all in one place so there is less confusion as to who is attending etc. That will save us just having to forward the inquiries to that email and makes things more timely,

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