Dreamer’s Disease

Children have unlimited imaginations. As a result of that marvelous characteristic, they enjoy abundant amounts of curiosity, wonder, creativity, intuitiveness and a host of other attributes that we seem to “lose” as we age.

But do they really get lost? Or do we jettison them as we acquire “virtues” such as efficiency, punctuality, dependability, consistence and the like?

A self-described free spirited 11 year old Canadian / Mexican girl named Yazmin sent me this poem. Maybe at sometime today, it would do us all good to fall under the spell of “dreamer’s disease” and allow ourselves to wonder, listen, see, want, pretend, feel, cry, understand, agree, try and hope as she does…


i am a free-spirited girl.
i wonder if the captain of the titanic cried?
i hear drops fall silently into the ocean.
i see Amelia Airheart who holds the stars up in the sky.
i want to buy a ticket to the end of the rainbow.
i am a free-spirited girl.

i pretend to dance on the moon.
i feel the heat of the twin towers burning.

i shake the hand of Princess Diana
i worry that no one will help the starving children and families of the world.

i cry for the soldiers who lost their lives.

i am a free-spirited girl.

i understand the science of Frankenstein.

i agree ‘that one day the world will live as one’.
i can’t wake up because i’ve got dreamer’s disease
i try to live life on the edge.

i hope that someday we’ll know why Samson loved Dalilah?
i am a free-spirited girl

( Yazmin, I apologize for the extra spaces between the lines of your verses, but my computer is also a ” free spirited girl” and doesn’t always conform to what I ask… Thank you for sending me your  wonderful poem. I’d be happy to receive more!)

 The photograph of Amelia Earhart as a young girl is from Google Images



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10 responses to “Dreamer’s Disease

  1. What a wonderful piece of poetry. I hope Yazmin never stops dreaming.

  2. Yes, the creativity is pushed aside, in favor of “success” or whatever.

    Perhaps, too, this is one of the plusses of parenting? Those parents who’ve accepted “curiosity killed the cat”, can at least enjoy the demonstrations of creativity and curiosity in their toddlers, (before the same parents introduce one of the barriers.) I was thinking recently–how come there are so few solo adults out there feeding the pigeons, or the grackles at Costco? But when they’re with children, it’s suddenly fun.

    Great post, Joanna.

    • Hi Alinde, you have a good point… only “being newly in love” seems to bring forth childlike behavior in adults (a good bit of alcohol sometimes does the trick too!) We need to be uninhibited enough to feel and spread joy.

  3. Lee

    Sorry, but dreaming and imagining isn’t part of our “No Child Left Behind” test-driven curriculum.

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