Old Friends

This past weekend, I saw an old friend… We met at our Lamaze class in fact…

When our children were young, we saw one another a lot, but as life’s daily comings and goings got more and more hectic, we got together less and less… until it had been years since we’d shared a day in one another’s company.

Out of the blue, she called me early on Sunday morning. “¿Como estas?” she asked. “Bien, bien…” I said. When would we get together again? “How about right now?” she impulsively suggested. “I need to do my shopping,” I began. “I’ll come with you and push the cart,” she replied. Our respective kids are grown and gone, and by chance, both our husbands were busy, so I picked her up and off we went to Mega.

Talking non-stop, as though no time at all had passed, we cruised the aisles. Then, cart full of bags, pesos gone from my wallet, we got back in the car. “Let’s go to my house and have breakfast,” I said.

We stowed the groceries, cut up some fruit, sliced some cheese, brewed coffee, and she borrowed a bathing suit… We caught up on our lives – we swam, we laughed… we had the best time! As midday approached, we both needed to get back to our regular lives.

But years won’t go by until I see my friend again… from now on, we’ll make time for each other.

Thinking back to Sunday, I was reminded of another old friend: my Simon & Garfunkle “Bookends” CD.  I’m listening to it now:

“Old friends, old friends sat on their parkbench like bookends…”

Do you have a friend who you have not had contact with for a while? You could call, email or visit each other TODAY… and you’ll be glad you did.



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5 responses to “Old Friends

  1. norm

    My neighbor asked me how I have so many friends, my reply: time and effort is all it takes and that is not far from the truth.

  2. I have a friend like that. We don’t talk for months but we can pick right up as if we’d just talked to each other last week. I haven’t talked to her in ages and was thinking of calling her. Thanks for the gentle push.

  3. Larry

    Thanks for the gentle reminder… every moment spent with friends is precious. Keeping in touch should always be a priority…

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