It has been exactly one month since Jorge and I returned from Europe. While on our trip, I vowed that once I got back to Merida, I would do many things differently:

  • I would make the time to do what I want, instead of doing what I “think” I have to do
  • I would adopt the “Mediterranean” style of cooking, and my excess pounds would melt away in time for my daughter’s December wedding
  • I would get back to Yoga and walking at the stadium
  • I would get a great haircut and color job
  • I would spend three hours a day writing
  • I would keep my email up to date
  • I would organize all my files (including cell phone directory, address book, email contacts list)
  • I would put my photographs from our vacation into a beautiful album

And how many changes have I made?

  • I have done very well with the first action item: I’ve come to “think” of all the other points as things I have to do, and true to my intentions, I am not doing them.

It’s called P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N… and I suspect that many of us suffer from this persistent character attribute.

But every day is an opportunity for a fresh start, don’t you think? When it comes down to it, we shouldn’t berate ourselves; we’re doing the best we can…  I’ve made “some” steps forward with all of the above, and after all… a little progress is better than none at all, right?



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13 responses to “P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N

  1. Lee

    Are tamales a Mediterranean food? Just humor me and answer yes, and I’ll switch to that diet, too.

    • No my dear, sadly they aren’t. But then again, I have a friend who says, “The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are one big gastronomic sea!” So hey… maybe! Hope springs eternal…

  2. Want to add, Joanna, that part of the reason we procrastinators do so is that sometimes, SOMEtimes, procrastinating pays! I had an electrical problem with a timer, which was on my “to do list”. And guess what, it started working again, on its own! Maybe it was just tired?

    Jonna is so correct–completing one thing a day is so helpful. I remind myself of this accomplishment as I try to fall asleep, and it helps.

  3. I was just reading about the winners of this years lg Nobel Prize and one of them John Perry of Stanford University won for his Theory of Structured Procrastination. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.


    So, just put learning Chinese at the top of your to do list and everything else will get done!

  4. I consider any day in which I accomplish ONE thing, no matter how small, to be a success. It’s my retirement creed.

  5. For me, I procrastinate when I need time to screw up the courage to make a difficult decision or start a new piece of a project.

  6. Larry

    LOVE IT!! Enough said already….just DO IT!

  7. That’s excellent, Joanna! I’ll get back to this…mañana.

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