The Oaxaca Fair

Hey! Have you checked out the Feria de Oaxaca that’s set up at the    Parque de las Americas? Jorge and I took a quick look at all the stalls the other night… and bought a gorgeous piece of green pottery – a small cazuela. No doubt we’ll return to pick out a few more goodies.

We have been to Oaxaca several times, and have enjoyed the markets and visiting the different pueblos to see the handcrafts they make. This fair has an excellent selection. There are woolen weavings and rugs, colorful, cool cotton clothing for men and women, jewelry, woven straw figurines, green and black pottery, music, food, mezcal and more!

The fair is set up in the part of the Parque de las Americas located on Avenida Colón between Calles 20 and 22. Very easy to find! There’s good parking and if you’ve never been to this park, you’ll enjoy yourself a lot!


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