More costs less…

What do you get more of, the less you pay? If you answered: air travel, you’d be right! When I told an acquaintance about the routing I’d be taking, she made all kinds of “Poor you” comments…

I am traveling from Cancun to Vancouver later this week. My fare is $325.00 USD – that’s return, including taxes.  I will fly from Cancun at 7:00 am – Miami – Dallas – Vancouver, arriving at 7:00 pm.

I am taking a small bag on board with me; I don’t want to risk losing my luggage. And, hey, how much stuff do I need for a week? 4 changes of under-things, 4 tops, 2 prs. of slacks, PJs, vitamins, makeup, a comb, toothbrush, and… ah yes, my computer. It’s fall up north so I’ll carry my leather jacket and a scarf.

I plan to give my novel one more read-through during my 12 hours of travel. The manuscript can then go to the   editor (again) I’ll take my sketch pad and pencils to spell myself off when I get tired of reading. I’ll also have my i-pod with lots of music programmed in. The time will pass by quickly.

For years I had to fly from Mérida at 6:20 am – Mexico City – Los Angeles – Vancouver, arriving at 6:00 pm, for about $1,200.00. I always had a least one little child with me, (another half fare) who needed feeding, entertaining… and yes…  changing. I would have my luggage and the kids’ to keep track of.

I don’t feel very hard done by at all. In fact, I am feeling very good about my online booking experience. I’ll definitely do this again.



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10 responses to “More costs less…

  1. I can’t believe how inexpensive your flight is…I pay twice that to go to Lubbock Texas from Merida. Good job. Can’t wait to read your tske on the school reunion. Should be great fun.

  2. Loretta

    You shouldn’t have written that one about your flight to Vancouver. Now I feel REALLY bad (and poor)) about my trip to Merida for the Wedding!!.

  3. Marianne

    It’s all about attitude – Buen viaje.

  4. Maryinez Lyons

    Wow! Please let us know how you found this incredibly inexpensive flight…did you use a particular ‘cheap flights’ site?

  5. It makes such a difference when you don’t have kids in tow, doesn’t it?

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