Have you ever found yourself poised to do something really crazy? Something that will make people ask, “What – can – she – be – thinking?”  Well, I’m about to do exactly that… not by choice, mind you!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about going to my 40th high school reunion… I’m leaving for Vancouver today, and yesterday I went to get a manicure / pedicure. While there, I had the urge to “brighten-up” my hair color…

I wanted to have a few copper streaks put in and I got… PINK! I will go to this affair on Saturday night, and see people I haven’t seen for 40 years… Believe me, it is going to take all the self confidence I possess to act as though there’s nothing unusual about having pink hair.

When my daughter saw it, she was somewhat at a loss for words. “It doesn’t look bad Mom, but it is different.”  I needed to drop by a friend’s house last night and when she laid eyes on the new me, she tried to suppress a big guffaw, and said, “Another hair mishap I see…”

Yes, this is the second hair color disaster since the summer. The other time my hair came out slate grey… that was even worse as it happened just 4 days before my son’s wedding.

My hair no longer takes color the way it used to… another part of the delightful and ever- surprising aging process…  I think I’m going to let my hair go to its natural color (whatever that is?) or buy a good wig!

So think of me on Saturday night… When former classmates scrunch up their eyes and say, “Oh I remember you… didn’t you used to have long straight blonde hair.” I’ll puff up my rosy locks and say, “Yeah I did… and you know what… that’s not all that’s changed!”


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22 responses to “Pink!!!

  1. jennifer rose

    It looks fantastic! I’ve had bright red streaks in my hair for about 6 years now, and I’m planning to add bright pink next. The great thing about having white hair is that it’s a palette for other colors.

  2. Valerie Pickles

    Sometimes yourh friends are never there when they are needed. I think you needed me! Sorry I wasnt there for you! And the fix wouldnt have cost you what you probably paint at the haridressers LOL but have a great time any way… Sfunny just the other day I was thinking what it would be like to have a reunion . I know lots would not believe what I am doing and the same for you joanne just look what an interesting and unboring life you have had…. You will have lots of stories to share You will have them spell bound and they wont even notice your hair!
    Take care

  3. What a perfect statement and icebraker for a highschool reunion! I think you should keep it.

  4. Janice K


    How perfect of you to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You are the Best!


  5. They will all be jealous of your fun and adventurous life! Can you imagine how drab and boring they will feel about their own?

  6. Have a great time at your reunion and when you get back consider going natural! I just did after coloring my hair since I turned grey at 17… imagine my surprise when I found out my hair was platinum and now everyone ask me what is the ‘new’ color I’m using and how punk it looks…

  7. My dear…have you not heard of color extensions? Sorry we are going to miss your arrival in Vancouver. Will tell Mary to look for the Pink Panther at YVR!!

  8. What a perfect time to try a new color!! Enjoy your reunion 😉

  9. Lee

    Pink hair looks good on Mrs. Slocombe, so it should looks excellent on you!

  10. Marianne

    I need a photo! Hey, it’s all about attitude; have a ball.

  11. Have fun Joanna…you will be a hit for sure…

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