Still In the Pink…

I am in my hotel room at the Hotel Plaza Caribe in downtown Cancun. This is a great place if you need to get to the airport really early… the bus depot and taxis galore are right across the street. I have checked everything out, and yes, there will be cabs available at 3:30 am… the time I need to head to the airport for my flight to Vancouver.

Yesterday, the post about my pink hair caused quite a bit of commentary. Thanks to all who wrote to commiserate. As Marianne said, “It’s all about attitude!” But Janice had the best suggestion, “Say you did it to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!”

Here’s one more pictures of me sporting the new hair…

I’ll let you know what the old school chums think!



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9 responses to “Still In the Pink…

  1. Just tell people you’re in a Pink Rock band 🙂

  2. Actually, Joanna, it doesn’t look that bad! Remember, we live in Lady Gaga times, so your look just may be a real understatement.

  3. Lee

    I have to say, seriously, that it suits you! Pink’s kind of a novelty, but I think it shows a little flair.

  4. Larry

    It may not be what you had in mind…..but do have “fun” with it! I think Janice’s suggestion is really great! Go with it! Sorry we won’t be here to greet you when you arrive! Wishing you a wonderful reunion experience and lots of great memories!!

  5. mary

    In the pink is good, now just get in the taxi, in the plane, and into Vancouver, and all will be well!!

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