Just a day away…

Tecnología Turística Total (TTT): The venue for the Bloggers’ Conference

The 4th Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference is just a day away, and the participants from other cities have started arriving.

Yesterday a few of the Merida bloggers had the chance to meet Lee from Imagine Merida. Today and tomorrow, we look forward to reacquainting with friends who attended previous conferences and to welcoming those who will be joining us for the first time. So far, about 25 local and out-of-town bloggers have signed up. If you are a blogger and will be in Merida on Saturday November 5th, why don’t you join us? Registration is still open and the event is free of charge. Visit our blogsite for updates and contact information.

Lots of my non-blogging friends wonder why I spend a fair amount of time each week writing my blog, and why do so many others do likewise? A good question… and one that will be addressed at the bloggers’ conference. We’ll have a panel discussion about the different types of blogs: from personal journaling to those who make 6 digit annual incomes from blogging. We all have an agenda I guess, and blogging offers us the venue to make our opinions known.

If you are interested in starting a blog, it is easy and free. Just click on either the Blogger or WordPress link. Even if you know very little about technology, you can get a blog up and running… I did, and if I can, anyone can! If you have a friend who writes a blog, he or she will probably be very happy to assist you with any terminology you don’t understand.

Is there a downside to blogging? Yes, there is. As most bloggers have found out, by putting your thoughts “out there,” you open yourself to criticism and critique. Most of the comments I receive are positive but from time to time, the whackos make their presence felt. You have to learn to ignore that kind of thing.

Another quirk of blogging is the volume of people that visit your site. Sometimes I spend a long time writing a post about a topic I think is relevant and important and I’ll get little or no feedback. Another time, I’ll spend 10 minutes ranting about driving or some sort of shoddy service I am ticked-off about, and I’ll get many hundreds of followers visiting the post and commenting… one never knows!

Probably the most gratifying thing about blogging is the friends I’ve made: other bloggers and readers. It is amazing to me how much I’ve learned about people through my blog. I’ve also made great contacts. The publisher of my book Magic Made in Mexico found me through my blog and I discovered the San Miguel Writers Conference through another one.

Do you ever wonder what we’d do if we suddenly had no internet? Nowadays, the experience of being in a place where I am unable to access my email or blog gets me a little anxious… That’s when I know I’m getting just a tad obsessed… and that it’s time to just walk away from the keyboard!

Enrance to TTT’: Venue of 4th Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference



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6 responses to “Just a day away…

  1. See you at the Latin America Bloggers Conference!

  2. And, Joanna, we learn a lot about ourselves as well–both by blogging and by commenting on other blogs. WordPress is probably easy, unless one is extremely individualistic–and wants to customize it to the hilt. (So, my copy of WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES is en route.)

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