The Flaw in the Design

Lost Lagoon at the entrance to Vancouver’s Stanley Park

I don’t enjoy days when there’s so much happening that I can’t keep track of where I’m supposed to be… but my energy level is pretty high. I keep a fairly steady pace. I keep busy.

I love to walk, swim and do Yoga. I spend a lot of time with Jorge, my daughter and my friends. My home and entertaining are great pleasures of mine. I am fortunate, there’s always something to keep me interested and active.

I don’t have a lot of aches and pains, BUT… the way my knees have been acting lately, it’s as though they have a decidedly different agenda than the rest of me.

When one part of the body won’t cooperate… w-e-ll-ll-ll…  Houston… we have a problem. My knees began their   rebellion when I was yet in my teens. As I said already, I enjoy physical activity…  I used to ski, play basketball, and so on. I never got past second-string because I am rather clumsy – I fell all the time. And where did I fall? On my knees, of course.

So, for years now, before embarking on any activity, I’ve needed to consider what my knees will think of the suggested goings-on. While in Vancouver last week, I skipped that step… It had been so long since I woke up to a crisp, west coast fall morning, I felt determined to take full advantage. The sun had not yet shown itself when Barb and I walked into Starbucks for a short double espresso late, then we walked the 12 km. seawall around Stanley Park.

I took so many gorgeous pictures of the fall colors. We saw seals, a red-headed woodpecker, sea birds, squirrels and an eagle!  I did not hear the knees whining too much until I slipped on a muddy patch at the very end of the trail. That’s when the left knee began to protest mightily.  And two days later, when I undertook the 18 hour journey from YVR to MID… my right knee joined his partner in the protest.

A week after my return to Merida, there is outright mutiny in progress. My swollen knees want me to enter (immediately) into my dotage. They want a rocking chair lifestyle. But I am NOT ready for that! I think that my knees are the flaw in the design and I’m going to see the doc’… my husband and many others have paved the way before me, and they have not regretted their decision.  I too want knees that will get with the program.

How many of you have undergone knee repair or replacement?    

Heading out of Vancouver’s Stanley Park


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9 responses to “The Flaw in the Design

  1. Good morning Joanna, Sorry to hear your knees are not happy. I deal with knees also. I had arthascopic surgery 15? years ago for torn miniscus. It was a successful surgery. Now the other knee is kind of tired. They say it has worn out cartilege, torn miniscus and something else. They wanted to operate last year right before Andrea’s weddings. I said, “no way.”
    The knee has been tranquil this year, but I am careful. At the gym I don’t do zumba or bouncing/jumping exercises and I take it light with the weight machines.
    Limited? Yes, but I am not ready for surgery.
    Keep us informed about what you are gong to do. I know your knees have been your achiles heal.

  2. I don’t have any advice, just sympathy for your pain and frustration. I hope you can get relief and lots of rest for those sore knees, although I know it’s hard for you to sit in one place for long.

  3. I have a friend who had both knees done here in Mérida, and was very happy with the results. I’d be happy to introduce you, if you’re interested in hearing about his experiences.

  4. As you know, just last year I had my left knee “repaired” here in Merida. The surgeon was wonderful and my recovery has been incredible. No pain for the first time in over 10 years. Go talk with him and see if he can do something to get you through the wedding. At least then you will know what to expect in the next year. Buena suerte~


  5. Donna

    Before you go to the doc, try the physiotherapist. My knees were trying to mutiny this summer and a gazillion squats later are now doing fine. They still click & groan now & then but no swelling or pain (:

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