The Fourth Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference

The Fourth Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference has come and gone! Twenty-five bloggers attended this year… our biggest event yet! The panel discussion, presentations and breakout sessions as well as the socializing were all enjoyable.

The conference

Has become an

Event we all look


Forward to.

Our common interest in blogging is the



That we gather each year.



All of us do

Not blog for the same reasons. And

Not all of us have the same

Understanding of

All the technology we could using on our

Laptops, PCs, Notepads and Macs.


But we all

Like to listen to

One another’s advice and expertise.

Getting more readership is a

Goal that most of us have, so we

Explored innovative ways to do so:

RSS feed, tags, key words, googlebots…

So much to learn!


Conversation about our social responsibility

Often came up. We agreed that we

Need to stand up

For Mexico, and to join the

Efforts to

Repair the image of the country.

Enjoying one another’s company, sharing

News and resources will

Continue online… and next year’s

Event will be bigger and better than ever!

(Click on the images to enlarge)



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8 responses to “The Fourth Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference

  1. I am another person who was so inspired by the conference. I’d not yet set up my blog, but….

    Let me suggest, however, for another topic at next year’s conference, regardless of where it is held. That topic might be “Blogger, WordPress…. Security.”

    I’m starting to learn a tiny bit more about this subject–as yesterday my mostly unvisited site was nevertheless invaded by someone who used an email address of a USA friend to make the entry sound credible. Frankly, that scared me.

    Anyhow, it’s a subject that I suspect all bloggers will find interesting.

    • I bet you were scared, but I think the unfortunate truth is that if we put ourselves out there… it is possible for anyone to access us. Security is an issue we covered at an earlier Bloggers’ Conference but maybe it should be on the agenda again. Thanks Alinde

  2. It was very fun and informative, thank you so much for all your hard work! See you soon I hope!

  3. Thanks for the great documentation Joanna – I’ve enjoyed a lot of inspiration and entertainment from these folks over the years, and hope to join them with a better blog effort of my own, and perhaps getting to know some of them at next year’s event. I’m already a friend of Jonna’s.

    Planning another Yucatan visit (and my eighth or so to Merida) in January, and hoping for an opportunity to meet you during that time. I’ve enjoyed the introduction to your book available at Amazon via preview, and hope to obtain a copy to finish soon… -Stan

    • Thank you for your comment Stan… let me know when you’re arriving in Merida; it will be my pleasure to meet with you. And… you’ll be so welcome at next year’s bloggers’ conference!

  4. Wow, big crowd. Lots of new faces. Glad to hear it was a great success.

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