Feelin’ Free…

Hm-m-m-m… reading Imagine Merida this morning, I learned a new word…

Shortly afterwards, I heard one of the morning dog walkers ( ipod connected) singing along with one of those “I’ll- just-go-ahead-and-slit-my wrists-now!” romantic Latino laments. His voice was out of key but he certainly was putting his soul into it! I don’t think he could have known that just because he couldn’t hear himself, that didn’t mean that others couldn’t.

Realizing that if the voice was stationary, the canine must be doing his business I poked my head out through the curtains to be sure that this was NOT happening in my driveway (as has been the case on occasion)

The dog walker did not see me. Rover was occupied, but NOT in my jurisdiction, so I felt no need to make my presence known. Then the most amazing thing happened…  Rover completed his constitutional and the guy “bagged it,” I have NEVER seen that done on my street…

Then he turned to Rover , patted his head, and started singing to an obviously new track:

“Thas’ da way… ughha – ughha                                                                                                                                                                       

I  li-i-i-ke eet… ughha – ughha

I  teenk  I  li-i-i-i-ke  eet… ughha – ughha

Do-oo-oo  ah  lee-ee-ee-tt-l  dan-n-n-n-z-z-z-z…

May-ke  a lee-ee-ee-tt-l  lo-be…

Gayt  down  too-oo-oo-nite,

Gayt  down  too-oo-oo-nite!”

Hm-m-m-m-m… I thought

Life can be liberating when you let it!



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10 responses to “Feelin’ Free…

  1. Another theme here, Joanna–courtesy and cooperation spread; hostility breeds the same. I know a man who quietly, when not seen, went out and picked out weeds from the sidewalk of his neighbor. Once the neighbor spotted this, he (he weed-owner) made sure that his worker did the same–for he did not want to impose work on his neighbor. Had the weed-picker screamed at the weed-owner, I doubt the resolution would have been the same. (At least, not here in Mexico.)

    Same thing, I hope, for courtesy on the road: everytime I flag permission to enter the street ahead of me, I hope that I’m prompting him/her to do the same for others.

  2. Nice post , Joanna. Frankly, I’m always surprised when I see ear-phone users NOT singing along. It’s so natural, especially when one has gone to the effort to import a presumably favorite into an iPod.

    And things do improve in the poop-department as well. I recently saw pooper-scooper equipment for sale. Thankfully, we live in a country where people have better things to do than actually SUE someone over an un-scooped defecation–a story which recently made the news in the USA.

  3. Too funny! In our neighborhood in Virginia, we never see anyone not bagging it, yet the evidence is all over the place. My theory is that those people walk their dogs before daylight and late at night….the stealth walkers.

  4. Lee

    I think the conference has us all in a good mood this week! I’m smiling even more now.

  5. Obviously that’s the way you like it, too.

    You got me going with a smile this morning.

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