Fall in Yucatan

Last night I wore my flannelette PJs and slept all rolled up in my sheet and blanket – no AC, no fan.  The temperature dropped to 18 degrees C. (65F) At this time of year, I know those temps sound balmy to a lot of you, but in Mérida we’re used to night time readings in the high 20s or 30s Centigrade (80s, even 90s F)  The 10 degree drop and high humidity has us feeling chilly.

My frangipani tree has lost most of its leaves, as has the endemic scrub in the vacant lot nearby. No there are no spectacular fall colors, the leaves simply curl and fall off. The pool is a bit cold for plunging into, but I can still swim if I get wet bit-by-bit. Once I’m fully in, the water feels great.

A trip to the nursery is planned for this weekend or next; we’ll buy petunias, geraniums, Gerber daisies, poinsettias and other flowering plants. From November through March, the sun will be less intense and they’ll do well. Of course, the hibiscus, bougainvillea and other tropical blooms will also be more abundant and I look forward to a few months of even brighter color in our garden.

We have switched back from Daylight Saving Time;  it’s dark by 6:30 and an evening walk is very enjoyable.    I brought my long sleeved tops and full length pants out of the back closet the other day and I have put an extra layer of padding in my kitty’s little bed. Hobbsie is an outdoor cat, but at 12 years of age, I figure he must feel the drop in the temperature.

The stores are decorated for Christmas already, and soon I imagine that the first colored lights will be tacked up to welcome the Holiday season. Because of  our daughter’s wedding next month, a number of out-of-town friends and family will be coming to Mérida and several of them will stay long enough to break a star-shaped Mexican piñata and enjoy a Canadian-style turkey dinner al fresco on December 25th.

I love this time of year in Yucatán…



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4 responses to “Fall in Yucatan

  1. Beautiful photos Joanna and so nice that the govenor enjoys your blog. But then, why wouldn’t she?

  2. Ivonne Ortega

    Es un honor contar en nuestro estado con personas extranjeras que se expresen tan bien de nuestras tradiciones y costumbres. Este blog merece ser reconocido, sería interesante que además de inglés se escribiera en español para que la información llegue a más personas.

    La Gente mi pasión

    • Muchas gracias a la gobernadora… This is a first for me. The above comment is from the governor of Yucatan, saying she likes my blog. She suggests I write in Spanish as well… I do write in Spanish but not as much as in English… I’ll see what I can manage in the future.

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