Poor form…

Let me tell you a little story… it may not be one that will make friends and influence people but it’s heartfelt. I hope you’ll read read through to the end…

Governor Ivonne Ortega wrote a comment on my blog. She said she liked it and she hoped others would appreciate it. She made me feel good about myself… After all, she IS the governor, the maximum authority in our state. I decided to write a comment on her blog (that’s what bloggers do…  write on mine… I write on yours.) When I went online and typed “Ivonne Ortega” into the search box, I felt ashamed…

To see the vilification, disregard, insults, and slander made me ill. I am NOT a Pri-ista. My politics support the         candidate, not the party. Ms. Ortega needed to belong to a party to get elected… she had an agenda… she did what she had to do. And she’s not the first.

Ana Rosa Payan, another loyal-to-her-principals female politician has more in common with Ivonne Ortega than either suspect. They are both TOO smart and you know what… no one can handle a smart, gutsy woman.

Just do a Google search for women who have won prestigious awards, who have excelled in their professions, who have proven their worth in any field. You’ll find twenty men listed for every woman. It is the way of the world…

Ms. Payan and Governor Ortega (they have opposite political loyalties) have touched people not just bankers, clergy and pseudo-intellectuals. Look at the pictures… I don’t know about you, but I see appreciation and respect in the eyes of those everyday people being embraced by Ms. Ortega and Ms. Payan. I know the detractors will say those pictures were specially selected – of course they were! Is the picture you have on your piano top your least flattering?

The things that have been written about both these women are vulgar. If there’s one thing that demeans a person, it is bad taste and poor form. Could it be that much of the disregard for these women has it’s origin in… ahem… social background? Who are these usurping women… they who come from humble roots and presume to lead?

We complain there is no leadership. We say we have no role models… could that be because our brains are mired in “the good old days” and our heads are stuck in the sand?

I am not saying one cannot make their political or personal views known, but making comments about a public figure’s     family background, physical attributes and so on are not necessary. I know this too is the way of the world, but that doesn’t make it right.



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16 responses to “Poor form…

  1. Elvira

    How different is it from comments Americans make about their politicians? Specially the ones comparing President Obama and Mrs Obama to monkeys?
    In this internet age the only good thing is that people are able to say what they think – good or bad. It gives me a broader look at how Mexicans feel about their people in power and maybe not all of it but some of it is true!

    Thank YOU for being so positive!

  2. Speaking of the US, which is all I’m allowed, the people who run for public office are generally not the best and the brightest. It’s not a very good job, even POTUS, you have to give up your privacy, your family’s privacy, you must sell yourself to donors and lobbyists and it’s a bit tough to come out of that with an intact moral sense. Even so, I believe there are some in politics that do mean well, that do want to contribute the best they can.

    I will also say that when I saw the comment by the Gobernadora I was impressed, it shows that she is involved and interested in what is happening in all areas. We expats are such a small part of this state, it’s nice to be noticed.

    I’ve always felt that even if you disagree with the message you should respect the office, and if you don’t respect the office you have no place in a democracy. Unfortunately, we seem to be in an increasing minority throughout the world, civilized discourse is a vanishing skill in politics.

    • I agree so much with what you say about respecting the office being such a big part of the democratic process. Jonna, thank you for another well thought out and timely comment

  3. Despite all the pleasures of using the internet (yes, I’m addicted), I must say that I believe it has fostered an age of writing irresponsibility–where people dash off rudeness, and often this garbage is permitted to be anonymous, which just makes it easier. In the “old days”, we’d have had to write a letter, attach a stamp, mail it–all of which forces time to reconsider. I’m certainly not yearning for the old ways, but….

    • Yes, I think we often are too hasty and careless when the “send” button is so easy… I know I have fallen vistim to this on more than one occasion. We need to sit a minute before we fire off a gut reaction

  4. Marianne

    Kudos for the ever-expanding reach of your excellent blog; you represent the extranjero community well. Politics are ugly enough in the place I came from that it’s a relief to be prohibited from delving into this arena here. But I can comment on a non-political level that I’ve personally seen the government of Mexico reach out to us in a very welcoming manner – one that, sad to say, isn’t often reciprocated NOB. As for the naysayers, and they’re everywhere, when their view of themselves is south of street level, the only way they can find to look better is to put others down.

    • As always, you’ve said it well Marianne. People often wonder why they aren’t happy and enjoying life… maybe it has something to do with always looking for the faults in others? Surround yourself with negativity and it’s hard to climb out of it

  5. norm

    “Politics’ aint paddycake” is a quote I always fell back on when someone was running me through the gutter when I was involved with elective office. They would be kissing your cheek and pushing the knife through your ribs at the same moment, a tough skin is a must for anyone who mucks around in public policy.

    • This is true Norm, a tough hide is needed BUT that doesn’t mean that nasty behavior is right, and I do not accept that it is necessary. My post today (in the last few weeks prior to the start of the electoral year) is to draw attention to this. And another thing… I think when a person makes ugly comments he/she shows himself/herself to be more base than the person he/she is criticising. Anyone can throw out slurs, it takes some talent to make tasteful, effective critique

      • norm

        Just a ton of things that are not right. Is the back biting going to change? Not a chance. One of our historical teachers had to drink a cup of hemlock because of his political teachings-that was about 250 BC. The roots of political infighting run deep in Western society.

      • It’s true that backbiting runs deep in our culture, but the level of personal pettiness and intollerance has reached all time levels, and thist offends me.

    • Maybe it’s time we take a look at the increase in the passive-aggressive behavior we call political discourse. I’m guilty of participating in the sport of let’s make fun of U.S. Republican candidate, Rick Perry. This only takes away from discussing the issues. No wonder no one with a brain wants to run… Oops! Old habits are hard to change.

      • Ho.ho… the psychologist speaks the truth. Old habits do die hard and as I said in the post, making your opinions known is a good thing. The rub is how you do so…

  6. Good point Joanna. We have become too negative on a personal level when we hold a differing opinion, especially as it relates to women. I can see this happening in the largest political systems to the smallest local or community level. Unfortunately we women can be the loudest critics of women with an approach or opinion with which we disagree. No wonder only a few brave hearts are willing to step forward to serve in the political arena.

    • Exactly Rainie! We do not have to cut someone to sheds just because we disagree with them. I can’t imagine how awful I’d feel if every time I turned around, someone was making an offensive personal comment… No wonder politicians and other public figures get hardened and cold. They have to in order to protect themselves. And as you say, only the hardiest will venture into public life. How many great leaders have not come forward because they don’t want to be subjected to all manner of offensive commentary… It’s very sad.

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